Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Marked Men (2003) The Marked Men

The Marked Men was formed in Denton, Texas by members of the Reds. Following two releases on Rip Off Records, Reds bassist Chris Pulliam moved to Japan and the remaining members, Jeff Burke, Mark Throneberry and Mike Ryan, formed the Marked Men with bassist Joe Ayoub. The band has since released music through Mortville, Rip Off, Dirtnap and most recently signed with John Reis' label Swami Records.

1.We Won't Talk About It
2.What Can I Say
3.Not Too Late
4.Waste Of Space
5.Destroy Them
6.Not Just Another Girl
7.Hate Me Anyway
9.I Don't Want It
10.My Eyes Fall Me
11.That Kid
13.It's Wasted

senha/pass= hha

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