Thursday, November 07, 2013


The Suburban Anthem story starts like so many other bands. All three of us grew up in California (San Diego and the Bay Area respectively) but didn't meet until we were all living in Portland Oregon. We all have very similar taste in music and have gone through a wide range of punk movements before arriving at where we are today. Having all lived in different parts of California, we each bring a different sound to the table which has helped us develop something that is truly our own. Having bled punk rock for so many years, we started this band in order to fulfill a need inside each one of us to do what we believe, and bring back what was great about the punk scene. None of us believe that true punk rock can be categorized as a style of music, the way a person dresses, or the company one keeps. Punk is an attitude that is bred in to you. It cannot be learned, practiced or preached but something that is pure, something you live on a daily basis. A punker can have a desk job and work 9-5; he can be a poet, a painter, a CEO, anything. For some reason punk went haywire a number of years back and became about exclusion when at its core it’s about inclusion. All are welcome with Suburban Anthem. We want everyone to experience The Anthem and take from that something fun, positive, and uplifting. Some will love us and some will hate us, that's all gravy. So drop the attitude, get off the couch, put down the remote, throw on some jeans and join The Anthem.

1.Don't Drag Me Down
2.Generation X Fight Song
3.Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting
4.No Fun Anymore
5.Dead End Streets
6.I'm Glad You're Back... I'm Out Of Singles
7.My Space Girl
8.Mardi Gras
11.Not What It Seems

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