Thursday, November 07, 2013

-THE MARKETTS- ('67) Sun Power

American instrumental pop group, formed in Hollywood, California. They are best known for their 1963 million seller, "Out of Limits" which was composed by their founder, Michael Z. Gordon.Gordon formed his first rock band, the Marketts in 1961. Recognizing the start of a new musical “surfing craze,” Gordon wrote and co-produced the band’s first hit song, “Surfer’s Stomp,” shortly after the group was formed. In 1963 the band signed with co-producer Joe Saraceno under the Warner Bros. label.Gordon wrote the Markett's first release on the Warner Bros. label, “Outer Limits” (later changed to “Out of Limits” for legal reasons). The song sold over a million copies, topped the charts on stations nationwide, and earned Gordon a BMI award. “Out of Limits” is a popular choice for TV and film soundtracks; it can be heard in Pulp Fiction (1994), Slayground (1983), The Outsiders (1983) and Mafioso: The Father, the Son, (2004). The Marketts’ music is also credited on "Saturday Night Live," The Name of the Game is Kill (1968), A Killing on Brighton Beach (2009), and Dirty Little Trick (2011), among others.

1.Sun Power
2.California Sun
3.The House Of The Rising Sun
4.Sunshine Girl
5.You Are My Sunshine
6.Summer Sunset
7.Mexican Sunset
8.Sunshine Superman
9.Canadian Sunset
10.Come To The Sunshine
11.We'll Sing In The Sunshine
12.San Remo Sunset

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