Monday, November 18, 2013

-GUTTERMOUTH- ('99) Gorgeous

Guttermouth is a Huntington Beach, California punk rock band. They were formed in 1988 in California when Mark Adkins left La Habra punk band Republic to join Eric "derek" Davis's band Critical Noise. Critical Noise drummer Tim Baulch came up with the name Guttermouth for the newly merged members. After one year, Adkins and Davis relocated the band from La Habra California to Huntington Beach California where new members Clint Weinrich, James T. Nunn, & Scott Sheldon joined Guttermouth. A feew years after their inception, Guttermouth signed a recording contract with Offspring lead singer Bryan Dexter Holland's Nitro Records, and began issuing albums at a breakneck pace, including 1996's Teri Yakimoto, 1997's Musical Monkey, and 1999's Gorgeous, the latter featuring new drummer Ty Smith. By the dawn of the new millennium, Guttermouth had switched to Epitaph Records in 2000, and issued further releases such as 2001's Covered With Ants, 2002's Gusto! and 2004's Eat Your Face.

1.Hit Machine
2.Encyclopedia Brown
3.Con Especial
4.Viva America
5.Diamond Studded Bumble Bee
6.A Date With Destiny
7.The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Abroad
8.A Nice Place to Visit
9.Food Storage
10.I Have a Dream
12.High Balls
13.Power Up (Intro)

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