Thursday, November 14, 2013

-FRANK BLACK & THE CATHOLICS- ('98) Frank Black & The Catholics

Inverting his stage name from Black Francis to Frank Black, the former Pixies lead singer/songwriter embarked on a solo career after he broke up the band in early 1993; actually, he began recording his solo album before he told the band the news. Working with former Pere Ubu member Eric Drew Feldman, Black occasionally heads into the ferocious post-punk guitar territory that marked such landmark albums as Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, but more frequently he plays up his considerably underrated melodic side. His self-titled 1993 debut album was an adventurous sketchbook of pop styles ranging from surf rock to heavy metal; from Beatlesque pop to new wave. 

1.All My Ghosts
2.Back To Rome
3.Do You Feel Bad About It
4.Dog Gone
5.I Gotta Move
6.I Need Peace
7.King And Queen Of Siam
8.Six Sixty Six
9.Solid Gold
10.Steak 'n' Sabre
12.The Man Who Was Too Loud

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