Thursday, November 14, 2013

-FRANK BLACK - ('00) Oddballs

Originally released in 2000 as a tour album, Frank Black's odds and ends compilation, Odd Balls, was reissued in 2013 on Black's own label, The Bureau. Previously only available physically at shows, this re-release helps make the ironically rare rarities collection more accessible, giving fans a chance to dig into this collection of b-Dides and outtakes from the Pixies frontman's solo output.~~ by Gregory Heaney

1.Pray A Little Faster
3.Village Of The Sun
4.Baby That's Art
5.At The End Of The World
6.Can I Get A Witness
8.Hate Me
9.Remake Remodel
10.Everybody Got The Beat
11.Jumping Beans
12.Just A Little
13.You Never Heard About Me
14.Man Of Steel

senha/pass= hha


12vjoe said...

Haven't listened to any Frank Black/Black Francis in a long time! Don't think I've ever heard this album - thanks!

rob gronotte said...

Would love a repost in FLAC or VBR!