Sunday, November 10, 2013

-ANTISEEN- ('93) Eat More Possum

I’m currently foaming from the mouth. While typing I’m trying not to drip on my keyboard and hope I can manage to do so… Another Anitseen record really got my drooling and in total ecstasy. This is the third vault that gets opened and what a sweet fuckin’ record once again! Great coverartwork and once again a nice rock’n’rollstory is in the booklet, which is always a nice read. I can’t wait till number 4 hits my doorstep so TKO-people! If you read this; just don’t be shy and fill my mailbox with more records. I want it… NO! I fuckin’ NEED IT!!!

1.Intro The Cosmic Commander Of Wrestling
2.Today Your Love
4.I've Aged 20 Years In 5
5.Cactus Jack
8.Glad I Am The Way I Am
9.The Dean Of Sods Speaks
10.Jack Starr
11.Destroy Them All
12.Shittin' In High Condition
13.Star Whore
14.Break It Off
15.Jack B. Gets Framed
16.Trapped In Dixie
17.Fuck All Y'all
18.Jack Starr #2

senha/pass= hha

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