Thursday, October 24, 2013

-STARJETS- 99, God Bless Starjets (Captain Oi!)

Starjets' only album, God Bless Starjets, typifies the sort of tight, catchy, guitar-driven punk-pop that constituted the early British new wave scene. The tunes can be a bit frothy, but they're exuberant as well, somewhat in the vein of fellow Belfast popsters the Undertones. Still, even though the band had attracted some media attention for the single "War Stories," God Bless Starjets failed to make much of a commercial splash, eventually spelling the end of the band. Captain Oi!'s 1999 reissue adds all of the group's non-LP singles, making it the perfect one-stop purchase.

2.Any Danger Love
3.Ten Years
4.Run With the Pack
5.What a Life
6.Smart Boys
7.It's A Shame
8.I'm So Glad
9.War is Over
10.War Stories
11.Sitting On The Top of The World
12.Here She Comes Again Out
14.It Really Doesn't Matter
15.schooldays (B-Side Version)
16.ONe More Word
17.Do The Push
19.Standby 19
20.Donegal (Starjets as Tango Brigade)
21.In Vain (Starjets as Tango Brigade)

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