Thursday, October 10, 2013

=SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS= (2002) We Don't Care

Slaughter & the Dogs are an English punk rock band that formed in the late 1970s in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England. They were one of the first UK punk bands to sign with a major label, Decca Records.
The name "Slaughter & the Dogs" was created by singer Wayne Barrett in 1975 by combining the names of Diamond Dogs and Slaughter on 10th Avenue, two of his favorite albums. They were one of the first punk rock bands in North West England. They supported the Sex Pistols at their now-legendary gig at Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall on 20 July 1976. This concert, more than any other single event, spawned Manchester’s punk scene. That scene was concentrated around the Electric Circus club and gave encouragement to several bands, including Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clarke, the Distractions, John Dowie, the Drones, The Durutti Column, the Fall, The Freshies, Joy Division, Magazine, Ed Banger and The Nosebleeds, the Passage, as well as Slaughter & The Dogs. As one cultural commentator observed, "London had The Roxy, Manchester had the Electric Circus".

1.You´re a Bore
2.Mystery Girls
3.Johnny T
4.Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone
5.We Don't Care
6.Waiting For The Man
7.Victims of the Vampire
8.Boston Babies
9.I'm Mad
10.We Don't Care (Reprise)
11.Angels Of The Night
12.Cocaine Smile
13.Stop Playing With Mother Earth
14.Runaway (Live At The Roxy)
15.Boston Babies (Live At The Roxy)

1.Now I Know (Live)
2.The Bitch (Live)
3.Hell In New York (Live)
4.Runaway (Live)
5.Mystery Girls (Live)
6.What's Wrong Boy (Live)
7.You're Ready Now (Live)
8.Johnny T (Live)
9.Boston Babies (Live)
10.All Over Now (Live)
11.Most Of The Time 
12.1.000 Miles From You

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