Thursday, October 24, 2013

- DISSENT - 91, Expression (7", EP)

Dissent formed in the fall of 1985. The original idea was that of Bob, Todd, and a guy named Preston. Bob and Todd drew straws and Bob went with Guitar and Todd went with drums. Preston was going to sing, since he liked to sing in the shower. This line up did nothing more than dream and soon April came in on bass. Soon after that Troy came in to sing and we taught ourselves how to "play" by learning punk rock covers. Bad Religion, TSOL, the Ramones, Red Kross, Circle Jerks, etc. We played our first show in Jan. of 1986. The Amy Metzger Benefit, at the Knights of Columbus hall in Rapid City, South Dakota. The show itself was a major turning point for the entire Rapid City scene.


senha/pass= hha

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