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- DISSENT - 91, Expression (7", EP)

Dissent formed in the fall of 1985. The original idea was that of Bob, Todd, and a guy named Preston. Bob and Todd drew straws and Bob went with Guitar and Todd went with drums. Preston was going to sing, since he liked to sing in the shower. This line up did nothing more than dream and soon April came in on bass. Soon after that Troy came in to sing and we taught ourselves how to "play" by learning punk rock covers. Bad Religion, TSOL, the Ramones, Red Kross, Circle Jerks, etc. We played our first show in Jan. of 1986. The Amy Metzger Benefit, at the Knights of Columbus hall in Rapid City, South Dakota. The show itself was a major turning point for the entire Rapid City scene.


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-INFILTRATORS- 98, Don't Give Me Your Old School Lip, Just Get Your Metal Out Of My Hardcore (Oink!)

Obscure Oi! punk band from US...

2.Cog In The Well
3.Boot Bullies
5.Paycheck To Paycheck
6.Rude Boy
7.El Grito De Lares
9.None Would Dare
10.Mr. High And Mighty
11.You And We Play
12.Fighting For What We Stand For

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-FATSKINS- 97, Thinkin' Like A Fatskin

Oi! Street Punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, USA....

1.Fatskin Hooligan
2.That's My Life
3.9 Years On
4.Good To Go
5.Smash 'Em
6.Old Glory
7.American Skins
9.Skinheads and Punks
10.Never Look Back
11.Up With The Cock
12.Thinkin Like a Fatskins

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-THE MOONEY SUZUKI- Electric Sweet

The Mooney Suzuki are a grimy bunch, palookas with hearts of gold. When singing about "Oh Sweet Suzanna" (and rhyming it with "Can you remem-bah"), "A Little Bit of Love," "The Broken Heart," and "Natural Fact" (which starts out with "Everyone needs honey, like a bird or bee, girl I need your lovin', like fish need the sea," without a trace of guilt), the band comes off like that cartoon of the big tough guy with a goofy Mona Lisa smile, embarrassingly offering a single posy to the girl of his dreams -- sincere and sweet in spite of appearances to the contrary. Things get gritty in the streets, too, with optimistic spirituals blasted out by vocalist Sammy James Jr.'s stately baritone, but the voice is only part of it. Listen to the instrumental "It's Showtime, Pt. 2" without shaking your groove thing to the groove's swing. If you manage that feat, you obviously are not breathing. Like a long lost Fluid disc, Electric Sweat proffers primordial MC5 riffs with a healthy dose of soul as only four white guys in leather jackets with every Motown record in their collections could manage, bringing Detroit to your home, even if they're from New York and the Japanese name woulda rankled the locals way back when. The Mooney Suzuki improved on what the band's aforementioned forefathers fostered with reverence and fun, a simple formula that can't be faked, and isn't faked here. -- Brian O'Neill

1.Electric Sweat
2.In A Young Man's Mind
3.Oh Sweet Susanna
4.A Little Bit Of Love
5.It's Not Easy
6.Natural Fact
7.It's Showtime Pt.II
8.I Woke Up This Mornin'
9.The Broken Heart
10.Electrocuted Blues

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The Dance Hall Crashers second full-length LP was a significant departure from their early, ska-heavy recordings (found on their self-titled LP and 1989-1992/The Old Record). The horns were dropped and the modern DHC sound was born. The album was produced by Stoker and DHC (except “Enough” produced by Rob Cavallo).

2.Don't Wanna Behave
3.Queen For a Day
5.Good For Nothin
6.Buried Alive
8.Too Late
12.Day Job
13.So Sue Us
14.We Owe

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-CIRCLE JERKS- 83, Live in Las Vegas (Bootleg)

Great bootleg from a legendary american hardcore band. Not so good quality, but a 

lot of fun listening this gig. Formed in 1979 by Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson, the Circle Jerks combined the rebelliousness of the Sex Pistols and Ramones with the aggressive athletic elements of the surfer/skateboarder crowd from Hermosa Beach. This coastal city just south of Los Angeles ignited the initial explosion of hardcore bands. Including bassist Roger Rogerson and drummer Lucky Lehrer, the band recorded their debut album, Group Sex, in 1980 on Frontier Records. Containing 14 tracks, the songs ranged in length from 1:35 to 27 seconds, taking the hyper blast of punk to the next extreme. With the release of the album, an appearance in the documentary film about L.A. punk The Decline of Western Civilization, and their incendiary live performances, the group's stature was assured in the budding hardcore community.

1.Intro-Letter Bomb
3.Leave Me Alone-Wonderful
4.Stars And Stripes
5.Making The Bombs
6.Deny Everything-Wild In The Streets
7.Killing For Jesus
8.Land of The Free
10.Mrs. Jones
11.Paid Vacation

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-STARJETS- 99, God Bless Starjets (Captain Oi!)

Starjets' only album, God Bless Starjets, typifies the sort of tight, catchy, guitar-driven punk-pop that constituted the early British new wave scene. The tunes can be a bit frothy, but they're exuberant as well, somewhat in the vein of fellow Belfast popsters the Undertones. Still, even though the band had attracted some media attention for the single "War Stories," God Bless Starjets failed to make much of a commercial splash, eventually spelling the end of the band. Captain Oi!'s 1999 reissue adds all of the group's non-LP singles, making it the perfect one-stop purchase.

2.Any Danger Love
3.Ten Years
4.Run With the Pack
5.What a Life
6.Smart Boys
7.It's A Shame
8.I'm So Glad
9.War is Over
10.War Stories
11.Sitting On The Top of The World
12.Here She Comes Again Out
14.It Really Doesn't Matter
15.schooldays (B-Side Version)
16.ONe More Word
17.Do The Push
19.Standby 19
20.Donegal (Starjets as Tango Brigade)
21.In Vain (Starjets as Tango Brigade)

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-SUBHUMANS (UK)- Live in Bristol (Bootleg)

U.K. anarchist punk collective Subhumans formed in the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire in 1980, comprised of vocalist Dick, guitarist Bruce, bassist Phil, and drummer Trotsky. The band enjoyed success as one of the more literate and musically athletic British punk ensembles between 1980 and 1985, occupying the middle ground between the Clash's political songcraft and Crass' experimental warfare. Through five full-length records on their own BLUURG label (The Day the Country Died, From the Cradle to the Grave, Worlds Apart, 29:29 Split Vision, and Rats) and six EPs (not to mention a bevy of D.I.Y. cassettes), the band challenged both the government and its people to not only rage against the world, but to improve it. The band, which had split off into Citizen Fish (Dick also spent time with Culture Shock in between), reunited in 1998 and reappeared in 2004 with two live releases, Live in a Dive on Fat Wreck and the All Gone Live DVD through Cleopatra. - Christopher Monger

2.All Gone Dead
3.So Much Money
4.Can't Hear The Words
5.Work Experience
6.Don't Wanna Die
11.Joe Public
12.It's Gonna Get Worse
13.Where's The Freedom
14.New Age
15.Business Men
16.Point Of View
17.Human Error
20.Reality Is Waiting For A Bus
21.Michey Mouse
22.Drugs Of Youth
26.Reason For Existence
27.Religious Wars

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-THE MOONEY SUZUKI- Alive & Amplified

The Mooney Suzuki debuted in 1996 upon the formation of Sammy James, Jr. (guitar/vocals), John Paul Ribas (bass), Graham Tyler (guitar), and Will Rockwell (drums). On top of their added punk of three-chord agility and their '60s momentum of the MC5, the Rolling Stones, and the Kinks, the quartet would spend the next three years playing in and out of their native New York City with the likes of Thee Headcoats, the Donnas, the Make-Up, and the Delta 72, among others. Telstar Records eventually packaged The Mooney Suzuki's first self-titled single, which debuted in 1999. They followed that up with the release of their debut album, People Get Ready, for Estrus in 2000. Steady touring led to more exposure and a new deal with Gammon Records for the release of 2002's critically acclaimed Electric Sweat. The album and the band's frenetic live shows caught the attention of Columbia Records, which signed the band soon after the album's release. They promptly reissued Electric Sweat with the addition of live multimedia tracks. The group set off on the road again, bolstering their bank accounts by selling "Young Man's Mind" to Coors for use in a commercial and by recording an interpretation of Cole Porter's "Don't Fence Me In" for use in a Nike ad. After completing a stint on 2003's Lollapalooza tour, the band headed into the studio with pop hitmakers the Matrix to record their third album. In the middle of the sessions, the band was hired to provide the title song for Jack Black's film School of Rock, revamping Mike White's lyrics and providing the music for Black to emote over. The Mooney Suzuki's third album, Alive & Amplified, was released in August 2004. The band was subsequently dropped by Columbia and picked up by V2, which was shuttered before the band's next record, the stripped-down and predominately acoustic guitar-based Have Mercy, saw the light of day. The album was eventually released in June 2007 by Elixia Records. by Mike DaRonco

1.Primitive Control
2.Alive and Amplified
3.Legal High
4.New York Girls
5.Shake That Bush Again
6.Sometimes Somethin'
7.Loose 'n' Juicy
8.Hot Sugar
9.Messin' in the Dressing Room
10.Naked Lady

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

- ANARCHOI - The First Incitement

Great Australian anarcho punk band...

2.On The Beat
3.Fight The Rich
5.No WTO

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- ANTI PRODUCT - 99, The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

Anti-Product was a hardcore punk band that played for the first time on March 5, 1995 at the Tazmanian Embassy in Binghamton, NY. There were four line-up changes / additions / substitutions over the years and five tours in the US. Antiproduct released two seven inch EPs: one self-release in 1996 and a second EP on Tribal War Records in 1998. Mind Control Records put out the "Iron Columns" 2xLP compilation in 1999 and included a previously unreleased AP song. Later that year, "The Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears" LP was released by Tribal War Records during the Primate Freedom Tour with Aus-Rotten, Mark Bruback, Fly and Sarah O'Donell. The LP was also released in Germany by Skuld Releases. That summer Antiproduct also played the "More Than Music Festival" in Columbus, OH dedicated to DIY Feminist Politics with Kill The Man Who Questions, Red Monkey, Bread & Circuits, Former Members of Alfonsin and many more.

1.It Festers In Their Hearts
2.And Still We Suckle
3.Modern Day F Word
4.Of Enemies In Mirrors
5.The Power Of Medusa
6.A Backlash Is Here
7.Corporate Tyrannicide
8.Stillborn With Hardware

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- CAUSE FOR ALARM - 00, Nothing Ever Dies 1982-99

Started in 1982 Cause For Alarm were more than just pioneers of the NYC hardcore sound but inspiration to many bands that exist today. A band that lasted two decades is proof the band kept its spirit and integrity alive. You can only last that long with the respect from your fans and the bands that have built that scene. 

1.Life is Beautiful
2.Lost in The USA
4.United Races
5.Summer On Avenue A
8.Cheaters & The Cheated
10.Prison Life
12.Birth After Birth
13.Time To Try
14.Killing Children
15.Beyond Birth And Death
16.Fish On A Hook
17.Future War
18.Time Will Tell
20.Live at Rock Against Reagen, NYC 82
21.Live in Leipzig, Germany, 98 (I have problems ripping this track, sorry is not available)

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- CHAIN OF STRENGHT - 89, True Till Death

Chain of Strength was a late '80s and early '90s straight edge hardcore punk band from Southern California. The first Chain of Strength release was a 7" EP entitled True Till Death, released through Revelation Records. After parting ways with Revelation, they formed their own Foundation Records to release another 7", What Holds Us Apart. Both of these records eventually fell out of print, yet were still in demand. As a result, Revelation Records released both EPs (plus one unreleased track) as a CD/LP called The One Thing That Still Holds True. Both Ep's were released in the UK on First Strike Records, a record label based in Wigan, run from a skate shop called Alans. From 2006-2008, Alex Barreto played bass for the band Alien Ant Farm.

1.Just How Much
2.True Till Death
3.There Is A Difference
4.Never Understand
5.Let Down
6.Best Of Times

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- ARTICLES OF FAITH - 85, Unreleased (EP)

Hardcore punk band from Chicago, IL, commonly referred to as AOF. Started out as a 4 piece, adding guitarist Dorian Tajbakhsh in late 1983. They disbanded in 1985 after frontman Vic Bondi decided to move to Massachusetts. Their 2nd LP was released posthumously in 1987. In 1991, AOF reunited for a European tour. In 2010, it was announced that the original band had reunited and were planning to record. 
Articles of Faith was noted for its musicianship and very left-wing political lyrics, although the band moved away from politics later on and focused on more personal issues. They also had a long-running feud with another Chicago band, Effigies, The.

1.Sin And Redemption
2.By My Rules

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- A/POLITICAL - 98, Propaganda By Deed

A//Political was an anarcho-punk band from Baltimore. Their style is similar to that of peace punk bands from the early 1980s. The band was the musical arm of the Crasshole Collective which spearheaded the Anarcho-Punk Federation (A.P.F.). 
 The band, along with the Crasshole Collective, produced several communiques explaining their ideas about a variety of topics often directly related to the themes of their lyrics. The band has also produced several other writings on anarchism and their political beliefs. The band dissolved in 2000. An official retrospective 2008 discography of all 7”s and EPs, and demo tracks was released in 2010.

1.Who Will Build The Roads
2.Propaganda By Deed
3.Love is The Basis Of Our Anger
4.I'ts Not About Politics, It's About Life
5.You Are What You Consume **
** Mixed with track #4

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- BROKEN BONES - 84, Dem Bones

The sound of Broken Bones is the sound of punk at its most primal, the crashing roar of wild, wild youth taken to limits even the Sex Pistols never dreamed of. When the band formed in 1983, punk may not have been dead, but it was certainly dying. Then Broken Bones came along and the reverberations are still being felt today, in the battle cries of Bad Religion and the swagger of Rancid, in the white heat of Slayer and the debauchery of Ministry. Some people have called Broken Bones one of the biggest Hardcore bands of all time and one of the most vital, various U.S. mega-bands such as Metallica have even acknowledged them as one of their influences. 
Broken Bones are from England and were formed by brothers Tezz Roberts (Terry Bones) and Tony "Bones" Roberts in 1983 after they left Discharge. Sounds magazine did an article titled "Broken Bones", about the brothers leaving Discharge. The brothers had found their new band name. The original lineup was Tezz on bass, Bones on guitar, Nobby as the vocalist and drummer Bazz. Their first single release was the January 1984 "Decapitated" which hit # 10 in the indy charts. The follow-up single "Crucifix" was released in May 1984 hitting #12. Tezz left the band to join U.K.Subs and friend and roadie Paul "Hoddy" took over on bass. This new line-up recorded the band's first album "Dem Bones", and toured Europe & the USA. 

1.Wealth Rules
2.Whose To Blame
3.Iron Maiden
4.Their Living Is My Death
5.Big Hard Man
6.Terrorist Attack
7.Stand Up
8.Civil War
9.Secret Agent
10.City Fodder
11.Into (Instrumental)
12.Annihilation N°3
13.Dem Bones

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Friday, October 11, 2013

-VA- Trojan Ska Box Set Volume 2

Great box set compilation from Trojan Records, the kings of ska & reggae...

=(^:>(Cd.1)<: font="">
1.The Hop (Derrick Morgan)
2.Dragon Weapon (Don Drummond)
3.Discipline (Raymond Harper & The Carib Beats)
4.Too Late (Lloyd Brown & Glen Robinson)
5.Hey, Bartender (Laurel Aitken)
6.What A Good Woodman (Lee 'Scratch' Perry)
7.My Bride To Be (Winston Samuels)
8.You Belong To My Heart (Lord Tanamo)
9.Derrick! (Derrick Harriott)
10.sinners Got A Moaning (Ewan McDermott & The Vibrators)
11.Yeah Yeah (The Riots)
12.Daisy I Love You (Jackie Estick)
13.Shufflin' (The Sounds)
14.Really Now (The Dreamletts)
15.Girl's Town Ska (Baba Brooks & His Band)
16.True Confession (The Silvertones)
17.Hurry Up (Lord Creator)

=(^:>(Cd.2)<: font="">
1.Mattie Rag (Lord Tanamo)
2.Out Of Space (Tommy McCook & The Supersonics)
3.The Ark (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
4.Blues (Baba Brooks & His Band)
5.Uno Dos Tres (Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole)
6.Let's Jump (The Maytals)
7.Chatty Chatty Woman (Amos Clarke)
8.Garden Of Love (Don Drummond)
9.You are Mine (Clive And Naomi)
10.The Girl Next Door (The Blues Blenders)
11.Penny Reel (Eric Morris)
12.Calling (Roy Shirley & Ken Boothe)
13.Don't Call Me Daddy (Derrick Morgan)
14.Tender Loving Care (Lyn Taitt & The Comets)
15.Butterfly (Horrell Dawkins)
16.Don't Bring Me Your Dr. (Ewan McDermott & The Vibrators)

=(^:>(Cd.3)<: b="">
1.If You Were Mine (Lord Tanamo)
2.Atlas (Val Bennett & His Selected Group)
3.Look Before You Leap (Derrick Morgan)
4.Man In The Street (Don Drummond)
5.My Days Are Lonely (Frank Cosmo)
6.Yours (Raymond Harper & The Carib Beats)
7.Street Corner (The Skatalites)
8.Give Me Justice (Lee 'Scratch' Perry)
9.Darling Patricia (Owen Gray)
10.On The Move (Roland Alphonso)
11.The Ska (Jackie Estick)
12.Honky Tonk Ska (Granville Williams Orchestra)
13.King Of Ska (Desmond Dekker & The Cherry Pies)
14.Ska Jam (Tommy McCook & The Supersonics)
15.Monkey Ska (Derrick Harriott)
16.Wayward Ska (Lloyd Brevett)
17.Candy Ska (Ewan McDermott & Primo Davidson)

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-VA- Trojan Ska Box Set

Superb compilation from Trojan Records the Ska & Reggae's king record company..

1.I'm in The Mood For Ska (Lord Tanamo)
2.Next Door Neighbour (Owen & Leon Silveras)
3.Watermelon Man (Baba Brooks Band)
4.Get Up Endina (Desmond Dekker)
5.Silver Dollar (Tommy McCook & The Skatalites)
6.Doctor Dick (Lee Perry & The Soulettes)
7.When I Call Your Name (Stranger & Patsy)
8.Blackberry Brandy (Roland Alphonso)
9.Jezebel (Lloyd & Glen)
10.Baby I Love You (Card Dawkins)
11.Happy Go Lucky Girl (The Paragons)
12.No Raise No Praise (Derrick Morgan)
13.Carry Go Bring Come (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
14.Blessings Of Love (Alton Ellis & The Flames)
15.I Don't Need Your Love (Chuck & Dobby)
16.Congo War (Lord Brynner)
17.Don De Lion (Don Drummond)

1.Rough & Tough (Stranger Cole)
2.Free Man (The Ethiopians)
3.Strongman Sampson (Eric Morris)
4.Duck Soup (Drumbagos Orchestra)
5.Wrong Emboyo (The Rulers)
6.Sudden Destructions (Johnny Dizzy Moore)
7.What Can I Say (The Tartans)
8.I'm So In Love WIth You (The Techniques)
9.007 Shanty Town (Desmond Dekker)
10.Want Me Cock (Owen & Leon Silveras)
11.Iron Bar (Lord Tanamo)
12.Miss Jamaica (Jimmy Cliff)
13.Jezebel (Owen Gray)
14.Phoenix City (Roland Alphonso)
15.One Eyed Giant (Baba Brooks & His Band)
16.Rub & Squeeze (Lee Perry)
17.Let George Do It (Don Drummond)

1.Over The River (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
2.If I Didn't Love You (Eric Morris)
3.The Tide Is High (The Paragons)
4.Guns Of Navarone (The Skatalites)
5.Blazing Fire (Derrick Morgan)
6.Doctor Zhivago (Tommy McCook & The Skatalites)
7.Rudies Gets Plenty (The Spanishtonians)
8.Train To Skaville (The Ethiopians)
9.Open The Door (Clive & Naomi)
10.Musical Storeroom (Frank Anderson)
11.Blam Blam Fever (The Valentines)
12.Sammy No Dead (Clancy Eccles)
13.Storm Warning (Lyn Taitt & The Comets)
14.Girl I've Got A Date (Alton Ellis & The Flames)
15.The Third Man Theme (Granville Williams Orchestra)
16.Denham Town (Winston & George)

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-TRAVOLTAS- (2003) Travolta's Party

Pop-punk group from Tilburg, The Netherlands

1.Do The Gal-I-Gator
2.Little Honda
3.I Want to Believe
4.That Thing You Do
5.Pray For Sun
6.One For The Road
7.Barbara Ann
10.Let's Go Away
11.There Goes Marsha
12.Endless Summer
13.California Girls

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-TRAVOLTAS- (2002) Endless Summer

Pop-punk group from Tilburg, The Netherlands

1.One For The Road
2.Liv Tyler
3.Let's Go Away
4.Endless Summer
5.You And Me
6.I'm Sorry
7.Norwegian Girl
9.Goodbye Randy
10.Anywhere You Want To

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

=V.A.= Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 1

Absolutely amazing box set from Norton Records....

1.Who Will Save Rock And Roll (The Dictators)
2.Shortnin' Bread (The Ready Men)
3.I Hate CD's (The Legendary Stardust Cowboy)
4.The Girl Can't Dance (Bunker Hill)
5.Hot LIps Baby (Herbie Duncan)
6.The Monkey Speaks His Mind (Andre Williams)
7.The LImp (Incredible Kings)
8.Rock and Roll Deacon (Screaming Joe Neal)
9.Number Nine Train (Dale Hawkins)
10.I Want To Be Your Boyfriend (Ramones)
11.Switchen In The Kitchen (Don Covay)
12.Harlem Shuffle ('s)
13.Lover Lover (Daryl Britt & The Blue Jeans)
14.Chicken (Jack Starr)
15.A Certain Guy (Mary Weiss)

1.I Hear Voices (Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
2.Puddy Cat (Wade Curtis & The Rhythm Rockers)
3.Rockin' This Joint To-Nite (Kid Thomas)
4.Fluctuation (Shades Of Night)
5.September Gurls (Big Star)
6.Surfside Date (Triumphs)
7.Jungle Stomp (Johnny Clarke & The 4 Playboys)
8.Slow Down (Doug Sahm & The Pharoahs)
9.Zippered Up Heart (Reign)
10.Rockin' The Joint (Esquerita)
11.Chicken Shake (Hasil Adkins)
12.Busy Body (The Sonics)
13.Sapphire (Danny Zella & The Zell Rocks)
14.New Spark (Johnny Powers & The A-Bones)
15.I Can't Win (Monacles)

1.Hey Mrs. Jones (Long JOhn Hunter)
2.All Kindsa Girls (The Real Kids)
3.Judy Is A Punk (Ramones)
4.Bad Times (Scotty McKay)
5.Are You For Real (Question Mark & The Mysterians)
6.Stop It Baby (Roy Loney & The A-Bones)
7.The Witch (Stud Cole)
8.Marie (The Alarm Clocks)
9.Better Watch Out (Creation)
10.My Hot Mama (Sabres)
11.Hot Rod Mille (The Hentchmen)
12.A Cutie Named Judy (Jerry McCain & His Upstarts)
13.I've Had Enough (Unknown Group)
14.Twinkle Toes (The Neanderthals)
15.Vendetta (Link Wray & The Raymen)

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=VANILLA MUFFINS= Sugar Oi! Will Win Vol.2

Amazing Street Punk Oi! Band...

1.Good Night Elvis
2.We're Disturbing You
3.Chelsea West Ham
4.Smash All Your Feelings
5.Out Of Hope
7.Tribute Song
8.For What I Fight With You
9.I'm Nearly Evil
10.An Old Flame
11.Storm Over England

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=PURPLE HEARTS= Smashing Time

British band formed in 1978. One of the leading bands in the 79-80 UK Mod Revival. From Romford, Essex. The Purple Hearts started in 1977, when teenagers Jeff Shadbolt, Simon Stebbing, Bob Manton, and Nick Lake formed the band in Romford, East London as The Sockets, before they even knew how to play their instruments. They formed for the purpose of getting a support slot at a Buzzcocks gig at the East London Polytechnic,[3] to debut their tongue-in-cheek rock opera, Reg. Several gigs followed, including an appearance on a float in the Romford Carnival.

1.Smashing Time
2.Plane Crash (Single Version)
3.Gun Of Life (Single Version)
4.What A Shame
5.When I See You
6.Head On Collision Time
7.Concrete Mixer
8.Let's Get A Burger Man
9.Hazy Darkness
10.Just Like Real Life
11.I'll Make You Mine
12.Closer Than Close
13.Another Day
14.Playing With Fire
15.My Life's A Jigsaw
16.Friend Again
17.Restless Dream Recurring
18.I Can't Dream
19.What Am I Gonna Do (Live)
20.Your Side Of Heaven (Live)
21.I've Been Away (Live)
22.Extraordinary Sensations (Live)
23.Frustration (Live)
24.Millions Like Us (Live)

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=SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS= (2002) We Don't Care

Slaughter & the Dogs are an English punk rock band that formed in the late 1970s in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England. They were one of the first UK punk bands to sign with a major label, Decca Records.
The name "Slaughter & the Dogs" was created by singer Wayne Barrett in 1975 by combining the names of Diamond Dogs and Slaughter on 10th Avenue, two of his favorite albums. They were one of the first punk rock bands in North West England. They supported the Sex Pistols at their now-legendary gig at Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall on 20 July 1976. This concert, more than any other single event, spawned Manchester’s punk scene. That scene was concentrated around the Electric Circus club and gave encouragement to several bands, including Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clarke, the Distractions, John Dowie, the Drones, The Durutti Column, the Fall, The Freshies, Joy Division, Magazine, Ed Banger and The Nosebleeds, the Passage, as well as Slaughter & The Dogs. As one cultural commentator observed, "London had The Roxy, Manchester had the Electric Circus".

1.You´re a Bore
2.Mystery Girls
3.Johnny T
4.Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone
5.We Don't Care
6.Waiting For The Man
7.Victims of the Vampire
8.Boston Babies
9.I'm Mad
10.We Don't Care (Reprise)
11.Angels Of The Night
12.Cocaine Smile
13.Stop Playing With Mother Earth
14.Runaway (Live At The Roxy)
15.Boston Babies (Live At The Roxy)

1.Now I Know (Live)
2.The Bitch (Live)
3.Hell In New York (Live)
4.Runaway (Live)
5.Mystery Girls (Live)
6.What's Wrong Boy (Live)
7.You're Ready Now (Live)
8.Johnny T (Live)
9.Boston Babies (Live)
10.All Over Now (Live)
11.Most Of The Time 
12.1.000 Miles From You

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=FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL= (1990) Die For Allah/Holy War/Foolish Americans

Fearless Iranians from Hell were originally a hardcore/punk band from Texas, but later morphed into a crossover/thrash outfit.
The band's persona/lyrics are based on the point of view of an Islamic extremist.

2.New Gods
4.Big Crime '89
5.A Martyr In Every Home
6.The Trinity
7.Foolish Americans
8.We Own The World
9.Special Delivery
12.Iranian Hash
13.Forced Down Your Throat
14.Pushing Armageddon
15.Surfin in The Persian Gulf/ 655
16.All in A Days Work
17.Peace Thru Power
18.Holy War
19.Burns the Books
21.Kneel to No One
22.Die For Allah
24.What's the News
25.Life Inside Iran
27.Intro/Iranians On Bikes
28.Simple Life

senha/pass= hha