Monday, September 09, 2013

=SUBHUMANS= (1996) Pissed Off... With Good Reason

The Subhumans are a punk band formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1978. Known by pejorative, punk rock nicknames, original members were known simply as "Useless" (Gerry Hannah), "Dimwit" (Ken Montgomery), "Wimpy" (Brian Roy Goble) and "Normal" (Mike Graham).

1.Death to The Sickoids
2.Model Of Stupidity
3.Firing Squad
4.Inquisition Day
5.Dead At Birth
6.Slave to My Dick
7.Look At The Dawn
8.America Commits Suicide
9.Out Of Line
10.Urban Guerillas
11.Out Of Place
12.Death Was Too Kind
13.No Productivity
14.We're Alone
16.Pissed Off With Good Reason
17.Fuck You
18.I Hate Words (Live)
19.Canada's Favorite Sport (Live)
20.The Big Picture (Live)
21.I Gotta Move (Live)
22.Escalator To Hell (Live)
23.Twenty First Century (Live)
24.Og Canaduh (Live)


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