Monday, September 09, 2013

=STEVE DIGGLE & THE FLAG OF CONVENIENCE= (1994) The Secret Public Years 1981-1989

After the Buzzcocks split in 1981, Diggle dedicated to a brief solo era, releasing 50 Years Of Comparative Wealth EP (with the guest participations of fellow-Buzzcocks Steve Garvey and John Maher) the same year, and, in 1982, formed a new band, Flag of Convenience, initially with ex-Buzzcock John Maher. Ex-Easterhouse drummer Gary Rostock played on Diggle's 2000 release Some Reality.
 2013 saw the release of the British comedy punk pop film Vinyl (2013 film). Directed by Sara Sugarman this film follows the fortunes of a washed up rock star trying to make a comeback. Johnny Jones (Phil Daniels) persuades his old band members to join him and record new material. This ends up being rejected by all record companies due to Johnny now being seen as insignificant or not relevant to the current music scene. Johnny then embarks on an elaberate con which sees his song enter The U.K. music charts. Starring Phil Daniels, Perry Benson, Keith Allen, Jamie Blackley and Julia Ford. It also has cameo appearances from past pop and rock stars such as Mike Peters (The Alarm ), Steve Diggle (The Buzzcocks), Jynine James and Tim Sanders (The City Zones). The soundtrack is written by Mike Peters with performances from The Alarm, Phil Daniels with Keith Allen. Steve Diggle plays himself at the funeral of a rock star and enters into discussion with Johnny Jones (Phil Daniels).

1.Shut Out The Light
2.50 Years Of Comparative Welath
3.Here Comes the Fire Brigade
4.Life on The Telephone
5.Picking Up On Audio Sound
6.Other Mans Sin
7.Men From The City
8.Who is Innocent
9.Drift Away
11.Longest Life
12.The Arrow Has Come
13.Keep On Pushing (Live)
14.Pictures In My Mind
15.Last Train To Safety
17.Can't Stop The World
18.Shot Down With A Gun
19.Tragedy In Market Street
20.Tomorrow's Sunset
21.Life With The LIons


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