Monday, September 09, 2013

=RIPCORDZ= (1992) There Ain't No 'H' in Ripcordz, Dork-Face!

Ripcordz are a Canadian punk rock band, formed in Montreal in 1980. They have released 14 full-length albums and continue to tour extensively as a three-piece band. The band re-released their first album, Are Go!, in 2004. Ripcordz have played over 2000 shows since their formation. All their shows have been played in Canada except for a dozen played in the United States during their tour in 2000. Paul Gott is the only remaining original member. Paul won the tribute award at the GAMIQ Awards in 2008

2.Lose Yourself Completely In The Idle Worship
3.Silicone Teens
4.Saturday Night
5.Miss Belgium Should've Taken It
6.Fight McFight
7.Unite And Destroy
8.New World Order
9.I Don't Get It
10.Bikini Beach
12.Hated The 80's
13.Tearin'U Apart
14.The House Of The Rising Sun


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