Monday, September 09, 2013

=FRED ALPI= (2002) Les chiens Mangent les Chiens

Born in Sweden, Fred lives in Amiens (France), Brussels (Belgium) and Berlin (Germany) before coming to Paris, where he sings his own songs, in French, in a blues/rock acoustic duo. 
His experience is built through musical adventures that led him since his teens from Punk rock to industrial music through Country music, Texas blues and Rockabilly. 

1.Un philosophe sans pensée
2.Utopies d'aujourd'hui
3.La ballade de John Massis
4.Macho Féministe
5.Les chiens mangent les chiens
6.Jean-François B, social-démocrate
7.Ton nom en rouge dans mon carnet noir
8.Maigre comme un couteau
9.Le vent glacé
10.Il y a ma vie
11.Novembre (on s'verra en)
13.Sangen om Joe Hill (bonus)


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