Monday, August 05, 2013

= HARD-ONS =(2006) Most People Are A Waste Of Time

One of Australia's most popular, most enduring, and most defiantly independent punk bands, the Hard-Ons have been around on and off since 1982. In that time they have been an influence on more than one generation of punk fans while earning respect from musicians around the world. Their own description their mix of punk, pop, and metal is "Motörhead playing the Beach Boys." Peter "Blackie" Black was one of many musicians inspired to form a band by the Sex Pistols. Unlike members of Joy Division and the Buzzcocks who got their inspiration from seeing them in the flesh, Black saw them on TV while he was a Sydney high-schooler. After rushing out to buy their album, he visited his friend Keish de Silva and told him they were forming a band, no questions asked.

1.What Would Stiv Bators Do
2.I'm Hurt I'm In Pain
3.There Goes One of the Creeps That Hassled My Girlfriend
5.Knowing My Luck
6.I'll Get Thrush Or Something
7.Bubble Bath
8.Stop Crying
9.Poorest Kid On The Block
10.But Officer, I Was Just Doing My Job
11.Her Smile Is A Wish I Can't Obtain
12.The Ballad of Katrin Cartlidge


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