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VARIOUS ARTISTS= Punk Seven Inch CD, Volume 1 (Link Update!!)

This CD collects the first batch of seven-inch EP's put out by Lookout! Records but there are a few absences. The first is Operation Ivy's "Hectic" EP, Lookout! number 3. You'll find that in its entirety on the CD version of Operation Ivy's "Energy" album. The second is Crimpshrine's first EP "Sleep, What's That?" which is available as a part of their CD album "The Sound Of A New World Being Born." Both of these titles are on Lookout". Next is Lookout! number 8, Sewer Trout's "Songs About Drinking" EP. The songs from that record were released on a Sewer Trout discography CD but I don't have a copy or any advice about how to track it down - but it's definitely worth looking for if you're interested. Also not inlcluded on this CD are seven inches by Neurosis and Eyeball, Lookout! numbers 12 and 13 respectively.
On this CD there are no credits because the credits for each original release are included in the artwork in this booklet. In all cases, we reproduced the best possible version of the cover and insert art, manipulated only to make them fit in a CD-sized booklet. Be aware that the band addresses on the original artwork are 15 years old in most cases, and may not be good anymore.
John Golden mastered this CD from the original tapes. He mastered all of the EP's originally too, back when he was at K-Disc. K-Disc Mastering is now gone but John has his own mastering business. All the original layout was done dy David Hayes. He co-founded Lookout! Records with Lawrence Livermore. These days, David runs Very Small Records. Chris Appelgren did the CD construction and tracked down the tapes, artwork and bands with help from Alicia Peterson and the rest of the Lookout! Records staff. If you were in one of these bands, get in touch with Lookout! Records
~~ Lookout! Records 2003

tRacKs all you can be - corrupted morals
2.peer pressure - corrupted morals
3.corrupted morals - corrupted morals
4.power - corrupted morals
5.the adventures of edwin meese - corrupted morals
6.zimbabwean hell rock - isocracy - isocracy
8.hippie man - isocracy
9.two blocks away - isocracy
10.eight - isocracy
11.amilyplympt III - isocracy
12.funky brakewire - isocracy
13.10 seconds of anarchy - isocracy
14.swisher sweets - isocracy
15.scalf etaredefnoc - isocracy
16.plaid retina - plaid retina way thinking - plaid retina
18.swallow me alive - plaid retina
19.leprosy - plaid retina
20.gone mad - plaid retina
21.twisted - plaid retina
22.sugar fit - plaid retina
23.stupidity disease - plaid retina
24.tears - plaid retina
25.unlocked door - plaid retina
26.aggravated assault - plaid retina
27.palsiid - plaid retina
28.fcc - yeastie girlz suck - yeastie girlz
30.sperm brain - yeastie girlz
31.talkin' shit - yeastie girlz
32.orgasm addict - yeastie girlz
33.joyce - yeastie girlz
34.put a lid on it - yeastie girlz
35.fuck yerself - yeastie girlz
36.sue your friends - yeastie girlz
37.ode an die freude - yeastie girlz
38.super spetacular day - surrogate brains (love shit) - surrogate brains
40.tide on my soiled jeans - surrogate brains
41.if the things they say are true - surrogate brains
42.downtown - surrogate brains
43.america, the machine - surrogate brains like murder - kamala & the carnivores
45.back to bodie - kamala & the carnivores
46.bone bouquet - kamala & the carnivores thumb - kamala & the carnivores

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