Wednesday, July 03, 2013

THE SAINTS= (('96, Howling ))

With their unceremonious ejection from the EMI gravy train at the end of the 70's, it seemed that The Saints were finished. Relieved to be ditching such troublesome clients, EMI overlooked what The Saints had left them; Prehistoric Sounds, a criminally neglected R'n'B masterpiece - maybe the most gorgeous suicide note a band ever left. The album was as uncompromised (and therefore doomed) as most other great cult albums, but it contained the seeds of songwriting that strongly contradicted the premature demise of The Saints.

3.Something, Somewhere, Sometime
4.Something Wicked
5.Onlky Stone
6.Good Friday
7.Blown Away
8.Last And Laughing Mile
9.You Know I Know
10.Only Dreaming
11.Second Coming
12.All For Nothing


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