Wednesday, July 03, 2013

THE GONADS+ (('94, Punk Rock Will Never Die, The Best of The Gonads ))

Legendary punk/oi titans THE GONADS are back with another red-hot testimony to the gutsy spirit of South London hooligan rock and roll. ‘Glorious Bastards’ is 18 tracks of filth and fury, released by Contra Records in Germany. It mixes protest (‘Oily Rag’, ‘Ian Tomlinson’, ‘Fat Cat Splat’) with pure punk anthems (‘Noise Bastards’, ‘Spring-Heel’d Jack’), respect (‘Billy McFadzean'), sauce (‘Badly Done’, ‘Reinfected’) and street culture (‘Charlton Boys’). 
Punk, oi, oi-tone, oi-core... call us what you will, THE GONADS have been kicking against the pricks since 1977, with a back catalogue of classic songs including ‘Jobs Not Jails’, ‘Tucker’s Ruckers’, ‘TNT’, 'The Joys Of Oi', ‘I Lost My Love (To A UK Sub’), ‘Alconaut’, ‘Oi, Mate’ and ‘Punk Rock Will Never Die.’
We were street-punk before the term was invented, helping to launch the ‘real punk’ movement that was oi – a howl of rage from the terraces, back streets and council estates of the UK that found an echo around the world. Oi! ain’t about posing and preening. It’s about who we are: the English working class, having a laugh and having a say. The GONADS hate snobbery, ignorance, apathy, bigotry and PC bores. We support unity across our scenes. As our friend Garry Johnson said, back in 1981: “United is the thing to be, think how strong we can be, united against society.”

1.Tucker's Ruckers Ain't No Suckers
2.Go Mad with The Gonads
3.Punk Rock Will Never Die
4.Got Any Wrigley's John
5.Sandra Big Really Big
6.I Lost My Love to A UK Sub
7.Annie's Song
9.Getting Pissed
10.She Can't Whip Me
11.Punk City Rockers
12.Gonad's Anthem
15.Lager Top
17.My Grandma
18.Jobs Not Jails
19.Lager Top Blues
20.Se7 Dole Day (Live)
21.Harry May's Revenge (Live)
22.Chaos (live)
23.Joys Of Oi!
24.Eat The Rich
25.White Christmas



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Dr. Drunk said...

awesome post, dude. I just don't listen to these boys enough! Doc

Pichi DeLarge said...

We are Voluntad Cero, a punk rock band from Argentina. We got new record. Could you upload it to the blog to help with its diffusion? Thank you!