Monday, July 15, 2013

THE DUDOOS = ('2003, Kogidaso! Shura-Shu-Shun!)

Not as bubblegummy and cartoony as Shonen Knife or the's (although they favor a similar taste for ramalama pop-punk melodies and shouted-chanted vocals), and not nearly as noisy as the Boredoms or Jojo Hiroshige's projects (although they don't shy away from the feedback), the Dudoos are closer to Japan's answer to the Rezillos or mid-'90s indie scensters Bis. Kogidaso: Shura Shu Shun is fun but never completely silly, with enough punk grit and muscle to keep their more sugary moments from becoming gag-worthy. These 11 brief songs -- only three of them even break the 2:30 mark -- have enough melodic strength and punky vigor to enchant even those who don't understand a word of Japanese, with choruses as catchy as the best Undertones songs and a palpable sense of fun. Kogidaso: Shura Shu Shun is highly recommended for anyone who likes their punk rock on the candied side.{Stewart Mason}

1.Kogidaso! I Rush-You!
2.Pop Killerz Don't Mind Jaa Konversation
3.Seven Riders of Hiroshima
4.Hatch Hat Beato
5.Sarabretto (Hai-Yo-Hoy!)
6.Das Sportfest
7.Das Ist Einfach Schon
8.Himeyo Saraba
9.(Shokk You) Denziha Vop!
10.Er Ist Fantastish, Fantastika!
11.Bam Bam Moderatto

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