Wednesday, July 03, 2013

ONE TIME ANGELS= (('01, Sound Of A Restless City ))

Formed in the late '90s in San Francisco, CA, by Johnny Cruz (drums), Dong Sangalang (guitar, vocals), Mickey Dunegan (bass), the One Time Angels combine the energy of punk-pop tunes with the power and frenzy of heavy rock. After a period of time during which they played numerous live shows, the team entered the studio to record its debut disc alongside guitarist Scotty Hay. Sound of a Restless City, the crew's first album, showed up in 2000, enjoying a considerable notoriety within the local music scene. Following the release of the album, Hay became a full-time member of the team, therefore outlining the Angels as a quartet. Performing on the same stage as the International Noise Conspiracy or Rocket From the Crypt, the Angels solidified their cult status and gained even wider recognition. In 2001, one year after the release of their first disc, the band offered the EP Tricks and Dreams via the Lookout records label, confirming their inflamed sound accomplishments.-- Mario Mesquita

1.Soul Rebel Sound
2.Side Tracked (Only Human)
3.Rose Carnation
4.See You In Spring
6.Chase the Sun
9.Inches, Blood and Time
10.New Frontier
11.Fall From Grace
12.Decorated Memory

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