Wednesday, June 12, 2013

VICE SQUAD= (('91, Last Rockers, The Singles ))

Formed in Bristol, England, in 1978, Vice Squad emerged from two local bands, Contingent and TV Brakes. The line-up originally comprised Beki Bondage (b. Rebecca Louise Bond, 3 June 1963, Bristol, England; vocals) Dave Bateman (guitar) Mark Hambly (bass) and Shane Baldwin (drums). Their first EP Last Rockers was released on their own Riot City Records in 1980, and brought them some press in the weekly music press paper Sounds. Their EPs Resurrection and Out Of Reach were distinctively melodic. However, the debut album No Cause For Concern was disappointing. After signing a contract licensing the Riot City label to EMI Records, for which they would come in for a fair amount of criticism from politically minded punk artists, they were rushed into the studio. Taking only three days, the finished product was barely listenable.

1.Last Rockers
2.Living On Dreams
3.Latex Love
4.Young Blood
7.Out Of Reach
8.(So) What for the Eighties
10.Stand Strong, Stand Proud
11.Tomorrow's SOldier
12.Rock and Roll Massacre
13.Darkest Hour
14.Upright Cirizen
15.Scarred For Life
16.Faceless Men 


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