Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VARIOUS= (('95, The Punk Collectors Series - Rondelet Records ))

Great compilation with a lot of punk bands of the early '80.

1.No Government (ANTI-PASTI)
2.Two Years Too Late (ANTI-PASTI)
3.Another Dead Soldier (ANTI-PASTI)
4.Six Guns (ANTI-PASTI)
5.Burial (THE FITS)
6.Violent Society (SPECIAL DUTIES)
7.Colchester Council (SPECIAL DUTIES)
8.Bomb Scare (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
9.Another Hiroshima (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
10.East To The West (ANTI-PASTI)
11.Muscles (THE MEMBRANES)
12.Police State (SPECIAL DUTIES)
13.Go To Hell (THREATS)
14.Fuck The Tories (RIOT SQUAD)
15.We Are The Riot Squad (RIOT SQUAD)
16.Bullshit Crass (SPECIAL DUTIES)
17.Riot In The City (RIOT SQUAD)
18.Caution In The Wind (ANTI-PASTI)
19.Flower In The Gun (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
20.High Street Yanks (THE MEMBRANES)
21.Politicians & Ministers (THREATS)
22.Last Laugh (THE FITS)


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