Saturday, June 22, 2013

TOXOPLASMA= (('94, Leben Verboten ))

Toxoplasma is a German punk band from Neuwied . The band name is derived from the infectious disease toxoplasmosis , where the singer Wally was diagnosed in the late 1970s. The band formed in 1980 in Neuwied on the Rhine, district Feldkirchen and initially consisted of Wally Walldorf, Stefan, Harry and Markus B. The latter was only a few sample replaced by Uwe. In 1981, the band released a demo recording, which also Karl Walter Bach and his Berlin-based label Aggressive rock productions penetrated (EGR). In 1982, the band on the sampler was a German-American Underground Hits represented at EGR with three pieces. The group also released in 1982 recorded their first self-titled album in early 1983 with EGR. At the same time, the band went with the American reggae - / hardcore punk band Bad Brains on tour in Germany. After this tour as a drummer Stefan moved to Canal Terror , for Thomas "Mitch" Michel came as a bass player in the band. 1985, Harry got out. In 1986, the band split after further changes and failures for the first time.

1.Deutsch In Kaltland
2.Leben Verboten
6.Alle Irren
7.Zeichen Der Zeit
8.Alles Oder Nichts
12.Alte Zeiten
13.Hosen Runter
14.Kein Platz Zum Leben


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