Wednesday, June 12, 2013

THE KIDS= (('78, Naughty Kids ))

Early 1976, Ludo Mariman answers to an add from a 12 years old bass player looking for a band, Danny De Haes. Eddy, Danny's older brother plays the drums: The Kids are born. A second guitar player joins them in Sping '78. 
The band lasts until Summer 1986. During this period, they record 6 albums and 12 singles.

1.Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist)
2.Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy
3.We Are The Prisoners
4.Radio Radio
5.No Monarchy
6.Through The Night
7.Dead Industry
9.Razorblades For Sale
11.Naughty Boys
12.Sex Queen
13.Rock Over Belgium


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