Wednesday, June 19, 2013

THE BOYS= (('77, The Boys ))

The Boys were perhaps punk's saddest casualty. They could -- indeed, should -- have been enormous. Certainly they were one of the finest live acts around, but still they were to languish in comparative obscurity, with even their continental success seemingly working against them. Even worse, when their debut album was reissued on CD, it arrived with a sticker on the front proclaiming the involvement of '80s AOR superstar John Waite -- a claim which has absolutely no grounding in reality. More recent reissues have redressed the balance (or at least dumped the sticker), while the band itself has regrouped on occasion, to thrill a new generation with those classic numbers. But still the story of The Boys is one filled with great songs, an arsenal of killer hooks, and too many lost opportunities to count.
Matt Dangerfield and Norwegian-born pianist Casino Steel, rejects of the legendary London SS, linked up with Kid Reid, Jack Black, and John Plain in June 1976. Their directive was simple: to create hard-edged pop music, with enough bite to pass the burgeoning punk standards, but enough melody to get by in the mainstream. It says much for their ambition that, within two years, the so-called power pop explosion had grown up almost exclusively around The Boys' frantic majesty. ~~ by Dave Thompson

1.Sick On You
2.I Call Your Name
3.Tumble With Me
5.I Don't Care
6.Soda Pressing
7.No Money
8.First Time
9.Box Number
10.Kiss Like A Nun
11.Cop Cars
12.Keep Running
13.Tenement Kids
14.Living In The City
15.Watcha Gonna Do
16.Turning Grey
17.First Time (Long Version)
18.I Don't Care (Alternate)
19.Lonely Schooldays (Demo)
20.Take A Heart (Demo)


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