Saturday, June 22, 2013

OXYMORON= (('01, Feed The Breed ))

Oxymoron is a German Oi!/streetpunk band formed in 1992. The band was founded by Sucker (vocals) and his cousin Björn (drums), along with two friends, Martin (guitar) and Filzlaus (bass). Originating from Germany, their first real public performance was at an annual punk rock festival in their hometown, along with other local bands. After the show, they were offered several slots as support acts for more established bands all over the world.

1.Here We Go
2.Hit The Road (Again)
3.What's Going On
4.Big Mouth
5.Wild And Dangerous
7.21st Century
8.Bullet Proof
9.Don't Call Me Cunt
11.The Day After
13.Alive Or Dead
14.Under Pressure
15.Hidden Track

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