Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MOCK ORANGE= (( Nines And Sixes ))

The combined influences of abrasive punk and heartfelt melodies represent Mock Orange to a point of being thrown into the category of "emo." But the opportunity of four friends growing up and playing music together is more important than any classification of their sound. Developed by Ryan (guitar/vocals), Joe (guitar/vocals), Brandon (bass) and Heath (drums), Mock Orange eventually signed with Lobster Records, released their first full-length Nines & Sixes in 1998 and followed the rest of the year with a full-scale tour of the United States. Record Play arrived a year later.~~ Mike DaRonco

1.Growing Crooked
2.We Work
3.Does It Show
4.Window Shopping
6.All You Have
7.Poster Child
9.Drinking Song
10.Goodnight Reddick

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