Thursday, June 27, 2013

HATESPHERE= (('04, Ballet Of The Brute ))

Hatesphere was originally formed at Cauterized in Denmark in 1993 by Jesper Moesgaard (drums), Claus Nielsen (vocals) and Frantz Dhin (guitar). The band rehearsed and eventually changed their name to Necrosis. They were soon joined by Peter Lyse Hansen (guitar) and in 1994 they made their live debut at a Danish music contest. In 1995 Frantz had to move and was replaced by Jespers' brother Jan. But he did, however, manage to play bass on their first demo, "Condemned Future", they recorded at Borsing Recordings in Aarhus. Later the same he eventually came back and as fulltime bassist. In 1996 they did a few live shows and shortly after Claus was kicked out of the band. 

1.The Beginning And The End
4.Downward To Nothing
5.Only The Strongest
6.What I See I Despise
7.Last Ct Last Head
10.500 Dead People


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