Thursday, June 27, 2013

A GLOBAL THREAT= (('11, Until We Die ))

Shortly thereafter, AGT secured a record deal with GMM records because Mark Noah had seen them play in Chapel Hill, NC with Patriot. That winter, after a weekend of shows, original member Brett Threat was fired from the band and would subsequently move back to Maine and form the punk band USA Waste. The band then played a few shows with Johnny on bass, before he too was released from the band and went on to form USA Waste with Brett. AGT then recruited long-time friend and previous musical collaborator Gabe Crate (a.k.a. Gabe Asturd) to join the group on bass. Having now secured a more musically solid lineup they hit the studio to record their second full length "Until We Die". In November, Mark Civitarese, also known as Mark Unseen, played his last show with AGT, having decided that being in two bands was too taxing.

1.Work Of War
2.We're All Equal in The End
3.Money, Lies And Real Estate
4.Fucking Racist Maggots
5.When The Walls Come Crashing Down
6.The Way It Is
7.Who's To Blame
8.Young And Dead
9.Everyone's Afraid
10.Elitist Attitudes
11.Channel 4
12.Where's The Money Gone
13.Filthy Greedy Guilty
14.Until We Die 


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