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A GLOBAL THREAT= (('11, Until We Die ))

Shortly thereafter, AGT secured a record deal with GMM records because Mark Noah had seen them play in Chapel Hill, NC with Patriot. That winter, after a weekend of shows, original member Brett Threat was fired from the band and would subsequently move back to Maine and form the punk band USA Waste. The band then played a few shows with Johnny on bass, before he too was released from the band and went on to form USA Waste with Brett. AGT then recruited long-time friend and previous musical collaborator Gabe Crate (a.k.a. Gabe Asturd) to join the group on bass. Having now secured a more musically solid lineup they hit the studio to record their second full length "Until We Die". In November, Mark Civitarese, also known as Mark Unseen, played his last show with AGT, having decided that being in two bands was too taxing.

1.Work Of War
2.We're All Equal in The End
3.Money, Lies And Real Estate
4.Fucking Racist Maggots
5.When The Walls Come Crashing Down
6.The Way It Is
7.Who's To Blame
8.Young And Dead
9.Everyone's Afraid
10.Elitist Attitudes
11.Channel 4
12.Where's The Money Gone
13.Filthy Greedy Guilty
14.Until We Die 


SONNY VINCENT= (('03, The Good The Bad Ugly ))

Sonny Vincent (born 1953, New York) is an American punk rock musician. He has been active since the mid-1970s, when he was part of the New York City punk rock scene.

1.My Guitar (1:45)
2.Trans-Love (2:25)
3.That Sound (2:53)
4.Tired Of The Telephone (2:13)
5.Skag (3:46)
6.Funny Now (She Blew It) (2:56)
7.Busted (2:31)
8.Scratchin' On The 8 Ball (2:32)
9.Crazy Ride (1:57)
10.Yesterday's News (2:25)
11.Flower (3:34)
12.Down The Drain (3:01)
13.Animal Farmers (2:40)
14.South Beach (3:26)


A GLOBAL THREAT= (('99, What The Fuck Will Change ))

1.Religious Scam
2.Idle Threats
3.All We Really Own
4.False Patriot
5.Stop The Violence
6.The Proles
7.Live For Now
8.The Proles
9.Cause For Abortion
10.This Town
11.Kids Will Revolt
13.American Culture


SONNY VINCENT= (( Sonny Vincent with members of Rocket From The Crypt ))

Vincent formed the 'Testors' in 1975 with Gene Sinigalliano (guitar) and Gregory R (drums). Later line-ups included Surealist Ron Pieniak (Rex Pharaoh) on bass, Jeff Couganour (Jeff West) on drums and Kenneth Huebner (Kenneth Brighton) on bass. They played New York clubs such as Max's Kansas City and CBGB and The Hot Club in Philadelphia with groups such as Mink DeVille, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, The Cramps and Suicide, and toured nationwide with the Dead Boys. Testors released a 7" single, "Together" b/w "Time Is Mine".
In 1981, Testors disbanded and Vincent moved to Minneapolis where he formed Sonny Vincent and The Extreme with Michael Phillips (guitar), Jeff Rogers (drums) and the late Mort Bauman (bass guitar). The group toured the U.S. and released another single, "SVE" with the songs, "Wingdale," "Top Dog" and "Phantom." The group also made the bizarre film Mannequin World on the streets of Minneapolis. It was shown on television in the Twin Cities only once, after which the host of the program remarked, "I sure hope the boss wasn't watching." In 1983, Sonny was involved in a performance art project that saw him banned from the grounds of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. During his time living in Minneapolis/St. Paul Sonny Vincent also became involved with film-making and multimedia arts.

1.Bad Attitude
3.Let's Get Zooed Out
4.Sick On Yesterday
5.Don't Tell Me
7.City Streets
9.Greedy Fuckers
11.Surfin' in MF
12.Don't Break My Heart
13.I See
14.MK Ultra
15.Do What I Want
16.Crazy Nights


HATESPHERE= (('04, Ballet Of The Brute ))

Hatesphere was originally formed at Cauterized in Denmark in 1993 by Jesper Moesgaard (drums), Claus Nielsen (vocals) and Frantz Dhin (guitar). The band rehearsed and eventually changed their name to Necrosis. They were soon joined by Peter Lyse Hansen (guitar) and in 1994 they made their live debut at a Danish music contest. In 1995 Frantz had to move and was replaced by Jespers' brother Jan. But he did, however, manage to play bass on their first demo, "Condemned Future", they recorded at Borsing Recordings in Aarhus. Later the same he eventually came back and as fulltime bassist. In 1996 they did a few live shows and shortly after Claus was kicked out of the band. 

1.The Beginning And The End
4.Downward To Nothing
5.Only The Strongest
6.What I See I Despise
7.Last Ct Last Head
10.500 Dead People


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VA= (( So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Compilation ))

Great compilation from Bitzcore Records with a lot of knowed bands from different countries in the world. Keep punk rockin'....

1.Lisaspeak (SISTER GODDAMN)
2.Bought And SOld (SISTER GODDAMN)
3.Another Day At Work (NRA)
4.Someone Else (NRA)
5.Amsterdam Surf Song (NRA)
6.Graduate (ALLOY)
7.Who Bought The Con (ALLOY)
10.Houses Made For Mannequins (FLAG OF DEMOCRACY)
11.Killer (APARTMENT 3-6)
12.Girl 7 Threw Away (APARTMENT 3-6)
13.Cancer Neck (APARTMENT 3-6)
14.Schweineherbst (SLIME)
15.Stillstand (SLIME)
16.Mark 13 (TOXIC REASONS)
17.Goin' Nowhere (TOXIC REASONS)
18.Break The Bank (TOXIC REASONS)
19.Solitaire (TONY ADOLESCENT & ADZ)
20.Riot On Sunset (TONY ADOLESCENT & ADZ)
21.Bird Trouble (COCK SPARRER)
22.Running Riot (COCK SPARRER)
23.Down The Drain (ZERO BOYS)
24.Civilization's Dying (ZERO BOYS)
25.Outta Style (ZERO BOYS)
26.Wednesday Child (FLOWER LEPERS)
27.Warship The Reich (FLOWER LEPERS)
28.Only 12 Years Old (FLOWER LEPERS)
29.World Goes Round (SISTER GODDAMN)


ACTIVE SLAUGHTER= (('Ave A Butchers ))

Anti Fascist, Vegan Punk Band formed 2001 in London, UK

2.Land Of Hope & Glory
3.Thank You For Section 60
4.Macho Maggot
5.Labour Lied, Barry Died
6.Emperor's New Clothes
7.My Foot In Your Mouth
8.Fatal Deception
9.Active Slaughter
10.Rapist 666
11.Pride & Prejudice
13.Paedophile Priest


A GLOBAL THREAT= (('97, The Kids Will Revolt ))

A Global Threat was an American hardcore punk band, formed in Bangor, ME in 1997. They released four full-length LPs as well as many 7" EPs and have toured extensively throughout the United States. Originally formed in Maine in 1997, the band relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, where it was based until their breakup. The original band members were Bryan Lothian, Brett Threat, Westie, and Tubby Tim. In 1998, the band recorded and self-released their first EP, The Kids Will Revolt Against All Authority, on Crack Rock Records. Soon after, Mike Graves and Petrov Curtis joined the band (on drums and guitar respectively) and AGT began playing live shows in Boston and New York. During this period, the band met Mark Civitarese (a member of Boston punk group The Unseen), who would become a major supporter of the band before later joining it himself. Mark re-released The Kids will revolt EP on his ADD Records label in late 1998. Subsequently, Mark became a member of AGT in 1999, when, during a weekend of gigs in New York, the band's van broke down and Mark offered them transportation on the condition that he be allowed to join the band. The group accepted and Mark took up dual vocal duties, with both he and founding member Bryan singing during live shows.

1.The Way It Is
2.American Culture
3.This Town
4.A Global Threat
5.The Maine Punx
6.Kids Will Revolt


DEE DEE RAMONE & TERRORGRUPPE= (('02, Dee Dee Ramone & Terrorgruppe ))

Dee Dee Ramone (born Douglas Glenn Colvin; September 18, 1951– June 5, 2002) was a German-American songwriter and musician, best known as founding member, songwriter, and bassist for punk rock band the Ramones.
Though nearly all of the Ramones' songs were credited equally to all the band members, Dee Dee was the band's most prolific lyricist and songwriter, writing many of the band's most well-known songs, such as "53rd & 3rd", "Commando", "Rockaway Beach", and "Poison Heart". He was initially the band's lead vocalist, though his (then) inability to sing and play bass at the same time resulted in original drummer Joey Ramone taking over the lead vocalist duties. Dee Dee would serve as the band's bassist and songwriter from 1974 through 1989, when he left to pursue a short-lived career in hip hop music under the name Dee Dee King. He soon returned to his punk roots and released three solo albums featuring brand new songs, many of which were later recorded by the Ramones. He toured the world playing his new songs, Ramones songs and some old favorites in small clubs, and continued to write songs for the Ramones until 1996, when the band officially retired.
Dee Dee struggled with drug addiction for much of his life, particularly heroin. He began using drugs as a teenager, and continued to use for the majority of his adult life. He appeared to clean up his act in the early 1990s but began using heroin again some time later. He died from a heroin overdose on June 5, 2002.

1.I Got A Right To Love Her If I Want Too
2.Horror Hospital
3.Dee Dee (Terrorgruppe)
4.Sunny, Live (Terrorgruppe)


A GLOBAL THREAT= (('00, In The Red ))

In 1999, they released the What the Fuck Will Change? EP as well as a split 7" EP with Broken. Both these releases saw the band progressing towards the more frantic and relentless streetpunk style for which they would later become well-known. What the Fuck Will Change? was later re-released as the band's first full length LP on Step-1 Music, including new material as well as re-recorded songs from The Kids EP. During this time Johnny joined the band on rhythm guitar and AGT embarked on a tour of the U.S. East Coast and South. Unfortunately, the band was involved in a three-car accident in Austin, Texas, forcing them to cancel the remaining dates of the tour. 1999 also saw the release of the Who's to Blame? split 7" EP with now defunct Rochester, New York band The End on Anarchist Records/ADD records.

1.Don't Look
2.IN The Red
3.My Neighbors
4.The Savior Comes
5.Smmoke Up Your Ass
6.Sucks to The Political


NOMEANSNO= (('98, Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie ))

Nomeansno (sometimes stylized as NoMeansNo or spelled No Means No) is a Canadian punk rock music group originally from Victoria, British Columbia and now located 
in Vancouver.
The band has never had, nor have they seemed to pursue, strong mainstream success, but they do have a devoted underground following in North America and Europe. They tour fairly often on both continents and maintain a dedicated fan base. The band was formed in 1979 by brothers Rob Wright (bass guitar, vocals, and occasionally guitar) and John Wright (drums, keyboards and vocals). Their name derives from an anti-date rape slogan. For their first four years the duo's music would seem to be influenced as much by jazz and progressive rock as punk rock. The musical press described their earliest recordings as "Devo on a jazz trip, Motörhead after art school, or Wire on psychotic steroids."Nomeansno have been credited with being an influence on, and perhaps even the genesis of, math rock.

1.This Story Must Be Told
2.Going Nowhere
3.I'm An Asshole
5.Dance of The Headless Bourgeoisie
6.The World Wasn't Built In A Day
7.I Can't Stop Talking
8.The Rape
9.Give Me The Push
10.One Fine Day


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TOXOPLASMA= (('91, Ausverkauf )) Link Update!!

2.An Der Wand Entlang
7.Du Und Ich
8.Alles Im Griff
10.Der Regisseur
11.Pass Verloren
12.Rüttel Mich
13.Apocalypse [Part.1]
14.Apocalypse [Part.2]


VARIOUS= (( All Punk Rods )) Link Update!!

Gearhead, the magazine of hot rods and punk rock, once again returns to the raceway and this time it's the Mockingbird Heights Dragstrip! Join Hot Rod Herman and the whole Munsters gang as they take a Devil's Dozen (13 'natch) of today's hottest bands along to break the sound barrier on this hand-tuned compilation carefully selected to eliminate the competition! See legendary giants like GAS HUFFER, MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? and THE NOMADS run side by side with some of today's most exciting new bands like THE DEMONICS, THE DRAGONS and Lookout's own THE DONNAS. Hear perennial favorites like THE QUADRAJETS, THE PEECHEES, THE HI-FIVES and THE SMUGGLERS show you what they're made of! And if that ain't enough to get your motor going, Gearhead got an international round of top fuel mayhem with Sweden's THE HELLACOPTERS, France's SPLASH 4 and SERVOTRON from the future! All Punk Rods! What a way to kick off the rock and racing season!

**This is the third time that I uploaded this AMAZING compilation. I first did it in 2006... and now here we go request!! enjoy Marianne!!

1.Intro {Eddie Munster}
2.Let's Go to The Dragstrip {The Nomads}
3.Demon Garage {The Demonics}
4.Nut Cop {The Splash Four}
5.Long Gone Loosers {The Hellacopters}
6.Hidden Charms {The Quadrajets}
7.Certain Year'd Something {The Hi-Fives}
8.Updated Theme to Supercar {Man or Astroman?}
9.Ouchi {Gas Huffer}
10.Ted {The Dragons}
11.Speedin' Back My Baby {The Donnas}
12.You are Not {PeeChees}
13.Euro-Driver Mechano {Servotron}
14.Rock and Roll Was Never This Fun {The Smugglers}


TOXOPLASMA= (('83, Toxoplasma ))

First album...

3.Schnauze Voll
4.Gruene Pest
5.Ordinaere Liebe
10.Pass Dich An
12.Teenage Frust
13.Heile Welt
16.Wir Warten Auf Dich


VARIOUS= (( Barricade Suspects )) Link Update!!

1.Breach Birth (PEACE CORPSE)
3.Mary's Black Analogy Chop (RED TIDE)
4.Say It With Soul (KILLROY)
5.New Alliances (ROMULANS)
6.Where's My Vietnam (KNOCKABOUTS)
7.This Town (ABSCESS)
9.Eye (I) Missing (SEPTIC DEATH)
10.I Hate The Motorcyclist (THE DULL)
11.Cold Storage (MASSACRE GUYS)
12.Last Sin (DECRY)
13.Frenzy (ROACH MOTEL)
14.System Addiction (BONDED IN UNITY)
15.Real Horrow Show (MAD PARADE)
17.Insomnia (VISION-DECAY)
18.Schadenfreude (HUE & CRY)
19.Reach OUt And Grab (THE DULL)

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VARIOUS= (( 28 Tales From The Pit )) Link Update!!

Good compilation from Horror Biz, Germany...

1.Get Ahead (BADZOWN BOYS)
2.Side By Side (NOT ENOUGH)
3.Marra De Cao (JASON)
4.Loosin' (SLUP)
5.Lebensrezeptur (KAFAKS)
7.Not For Me (46 SHORTS)
9.Road Roller (QUICKNOIZE)
10.Chip On My Shoulder (FILIBUSTER)
11.Pint-Winsome (HALF)
12.Fighting A Dead Man (APATHY)
13.Hey Puppy (NELSON)
14.No One's Guilt (WOOF)
15.Das Ende Ist Da (FOR SALE)
16.Fight For Right (HEMP)
18.Schweinesabbat (YACÖPSAE)
19.Tombstones (TURVIES)
20.Just Try (SINCERITY)
21.Skadillac (BODY BAG)
22.Down & Out (INFRONT)
23.Daily Dose Of Lies (SHIRKER)
24.Heart With Strings Of Steel (DAG)
25.Vorbei Ist Vorbei (Akute Verseuchung)
26.Too Far (Silent Pain)
27.Seen A Face (Dead Lazlo's Place)
28.Admission of A X-Man (HKK)
29.Friendship (SKROTUM)
32.Nazi Punk (RED GRIFFINS)
33.Whatever It Takes (ESTRICH BOY)
35.Da Bastardz Have Landed (GUTWRENCH)


TOXOPLASMA= (('94, Leben Verboten ))

Toxoplasma is a German punk band from Neuwied . The band name is derived from the infectious disease toxoplasmosis , where the singer Wally was diagnosed in the late 1970s. The band formed in 1980 in Neuwied on the Rhine, district Feldkirchen and initially consisted of Wally Walldorf, Stefan, Harry and Markus B. The latter was only a few sample replaced by Uwe. In 1981, the band released a demo recording, which also Karl Walter Bach and his Berlin-based label Aggressive rock productions penetrated (EGR). In 1982, the band on the sampler was a German-American Underground Hits represented at EGR with three pieces. The group also released in 1982 recorded their first self-titled album in early 1983 with EGR. At the same time, the band went with the American reggae - / hardcore punk band Bad Brains on tour in Germany. After this tour as a drummer Stefan moved to Canal Terror , for Thomas "Mitch" Michel came as a bass player in the band. 1985, Harry got out. In 1986, the band split after further changes and failures for the first time.

1.Deutsch In Kaltland
2.Leben Verboten
6.Alle Irren
7.Zeichen Der Zeit
8.Alles Oder Nichts
12.Alte Zeiten
13.Hosen Runter
14.Kein Platz Zum Leben


OXYMORON= (('01, Feed The Breed ))

Oxymoron is a German Oi!/streetpunk band formed in 1992. The band was founded by Sucker (vocals) and his cousin Björn (drums), along with two friends, Martin (guitar) and Filzlaus (bass). Originating from Germany, their first real public performance was at an annual punk rock festival in their hometown, along with other local bands. After the show, they were offered several slots as support acts for more established bands all over the world.

1.Here We Go
2.Hit The Road (Again)
3.What's Going On
4.Big Mouth
5.Wild And Dangerous
7.21st Century
8.Bullet Proof
9.Don't Call Me Cunt
11.The Day After
13.Alive Or Dead
14.Under Pressure
15.Hidden Track

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U.K. SUBS= (('79, She's Not There ))

Third single release for Gem and the band's first cover version (She's Not There was recorded by the Zombies in 1964), recorded at Alvic & Kingsway studios. It was Nicky Garratt's first attempt at production, apart from Victim which was again produced by John McCoy.
Victim is a reworking of an early song, No Rules, which appears on the complete Roxy recording Live Kicks.
Kicks was also re-recorded for the next album, Brand New Age.

1.She's Not There
4.The Same Thing


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BULLET LAVOLTA= (('90, Gimme Danger ))

Great ep...

1.Every Hungry Rabbit
2.Transparent Man
3.Detroit Rock City (Live)
4.Blind To You (Live)
5.X-Fire (Live)


THE BOYS= (('77, The Boys ))

The Boys were perhaps punk's saddest casualty. They could -- indeed, should -- have been enormous. Certainly they were one of the finest live acts around, but still they were to languish in comparative obscurity, with even their continental success seemingly working against them. Even worse, when their debut album was reissued on CD, it arrived with a sticker on the front proclaiming the involvement of '80s AOR superstar John Waite -- a claim which has absolutely no grounding in reality. More recent reissues have redressed the balance (or at least dumped the sticker), while the band itself has regrouped on occasion, to thrill a new generation with those classic numbers. But still the story of The Boys is one filled with great songs, an arsenal of killer hooks, and too many lost opportunities to count.
Matt Dangerfield and Norwegian-born pianist Casino Steel, rejects of the legendary London SS, linked up with Kid Reid, Jack Black, and John Plain in June 1976. Their directive was simple: to create hard-edged pop music, with enough bite to pass the burgeoning punk standards, but enough melody to get by in the mainstream. It says much for their ambition that, within two years, the so-called power pop explosion had grown up almost exclusively around The Boys' frantic majesty. ~~ by Dave Thompson

1.Sick On You
2.I Call Your Name
3.Tumble With Me
5.I Don't Care
6.Soda Pressing
7.No Money
8.First Time
9.Box Number
10.Kiss Like A Nun
11.Cop Cars
12.Keep Running
13.Tenement Kids
14.Living In The City
15.Watcha Gonna Do
16.Turning Grey
17.First Time (Long Version)
18.I Don't Care (Alternate)
19.Lonely Schooldays (Demo)
20.Take A Heart (Demo)


BULLET LAVOLTA= (('89, The Gift ))

The Gift proved to be a real breakout release for Boston's Bullet Lavolta. After a brief release on indie label Taang! Records, RCA snatched the band up and this, their first full-length, became their major-label debut. The approach is more melodic than hardcore and more immediate than metal, and Boston-area fans loved it. Bullet Lavolta never really broke outside their home turf, but they deserve credit for making interesting music. Unlike many developing hardcore bands of their time, Bullet Lavolta was never so infatuated with their own anger. These Massachusetts punkers demonstrate an almost Sex Pistols-like swagger that so many hardcore screamers never stop shouting long enough to notice. This enviable trait is quite evident throughout The Gift, especially on tracks like "Sneer" and "Off-Kilter." Hardcore fans interested in obscure titles should be on the lookout for this release, a solid performance from an unfortunately obscure band.~~ by Jason Anderson

2.Little Tiny Pieces
3.Over The Shoulder
4.Mother Messiah
6.Blind To You
7.Off Killer
8.Underground Well
9.The Gift
10.One Room Down
11.Birth Of Death
12.Dead Wrong


THE DETROIT COBRAS= (('01, Love, Life and Leaving ))

One of the earliest groups to emerge from the Detroit garage rock scene, the Detroit Cobras developed a reputation as the Midwest's finest (and most distinctive) cover band -- while the bandmembers devoted themselves to performing other people's material rather than recycling established hits, the Detroit Cobras dug deep into the well of vintage R&B and primitive rock & roll sides, building an individual identity out of lost classics from the past which they modified to fit their swaggering aural personality. the Detroit Cobras were formed in 1995 by Steve Shaw, who developed a taste for classic R&B from spending time with Alex Chilton, whom he met through his friends in Detroit primitives the Gories. The first edition of the Detroit Cobras featured former exotic dancer Rachel Nagy on vocals, Shaw and Maribel Restrepo (ex-Vertical Pillows) on guitars, Jeff Meier (from Rocket 455) on bass, and Vic Hill on drums, and they released their first 7" in 1996.~~ by Mark Deming

1.Hey Sailor
2.He Did It
3.Find Me A Home
4.Oh My Lover
5.Cry On
7.Bye Bye Baby
8.Biss Lady
9.Laughing at You
10.Can't Miss Nothing
11.Right Around The Corner
12.Won't You Dance With Me
13.Let's Forget About the Past
14.Shout Bama Lama


MOCK ORANGE= (( Nines And Sixes ))

The combined influences of abrasive punk and heartfelt melodies represent Mock Orange to a point of being thrown into the category of "emo." But the opportunity of four friends growing up and playing music together is more important than any classification of their sound. Developed by Ryan (guitar/vocals), Joe (guitar/vocals), Brandon (bass) and Heath (drums), Mock Orange eventually signed with Lobster Records, released their first full-length Nines & Sixes in 1998 and followed the rest of the year with a full-scale tour of the United States. Record Play arrived a year later.~~ Mike DaRonco

1.Growing Crooked
2.We Work
3.Does It Show
4.Window Shopping
6.All You Have
7.Poster Child
9.Drinking Song
10.Goodnight Reddick

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BULLET LAVOLTA= (('92, Swandive ))

Songs like "My Protector" rage with an emotional power rarely found in hardcore at the time. "Blizzard" sounds like early Mudhoney, and "Before I Fall" is like a happy (or at least a less unhappy) Fugazi. There are moments where the music almost sounds like heavy metal, which is exactly how the record company promoted the album at the time. Producer Dave Jerden pushes the drums and rhythm guitar to the forefront, emphasizing the metal elements. But singer Yukki Gipe has an emotive, angry voice that gives the music substantial depth, and guitarists Clay Tarver and Duke Roth have a tight sound that never relies on mindless riffing. Swandive is an important work that never really got its due, and fans of modern emo may want to search out this album because it really did open up the market for like-minded artists.~~ by Bradley Torreano

2.My Protector
3.Swan Dive
4.Between The Lines
7.Before I Fall
8.What's In A Name
10.Ceiling Life


THE REZILLOS= (('78, Can't Stand The Rezillos ))

Although frequently aligned with the punk movement, the Rezillos' (later known as the Revillos) irreverent glam rock image and affection for campy girl group iconography set them distinctly apart from their peers. Formed in 1976 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the group was initially a fluid and highly informal collective centered around lead vocalists Eugene Reynolds (born Alan Forbes) and Fay Fife (Sheila Hynde), and fleshed out by lead guitarist Luke Warm (Jo Callis), second guitarist Hi-Fi Harris (Mark Harris), Dr. D.K. Smythe on bass, drummer Angel Patterson (Alan Patterson), and backing vocalist Gale Warning.
the Rezillos' early repertoire contained material from the likes of Screaming Lord Sutch, the Dave Clark Five, and the Sweet. The success of their 1977 debut single "I Can't Stand My Baby" was unexpected, especially by the bandmembers themselves, who never considered the group much more than a lark; as a result of the more serious pressures now exerted on the Rezillos, Harris, Smythe, and Warning all departed, while bassist/saxophonist William Mysterious (born William Donaldson) signed on as a permanent member.~~ by Jason Ankeny

1.Flying Saucer Attack (2:47)
2.No (2:22)
3.Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonite (1:53)
4.Top Of The Pops (2:56)
5.2000 A.D. (2:58)
6.It Gets Me (2:11)
7.Can't Stand My Baby (2:22)
8.Glad All Over (2:07)
9.(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (3:10)
10.I Like It (1:46)
11.Getting Me Down (2:06)
12.Cold Wars (2:54)
13.Bad Guy Reaction (2:15)


THE BOYS= (('79, To Hell With the Boys ))

Originally released in 1979, "To Hell", the Boys' third album, was recorded in a small Norwegian town called Hell (hence the album title's pun), and is probably the most consistently great album of their career. Though they have always been considered a punk band, a quick listen to any of their albums (apart from their debut) shows them to be the ultimate power pop band: great songs, tons of energy, and a powerful wall of guitars. What more could you ask for out of a power pop band? Kicking off the set is "Sabre Dance" (yes, a musical nod to Love Sculpture), which then segues into the awesome "Rue Morgue". Next up is their fantastic re-write of "Knocking On Heaven's Door" entitled "Terminal Love" (which does actually feature a bit of them singing "Heaven's Door" near the end cheeky Boys, eh?). "See You Later" is glam pop at it's finest. The haunting Lennon-esqe ballad "You Can't Hurt A Memory" is quite touching (especially from a group of so-called punks). "Kamikaze" features an agitated heavily accented vocal with a catchy horn section that turns the 'angry' feel of the lyrics into a breezy pop/punk nugget. And so it goes on With five bonus tracks (including their great version of "You Better Move On"), this is a must have for fans of British pop and power pop in general. ~~ by Steve "Spaz" Schnee

1.Sabre Dance
2.Rue Morgue
3.Terminal Love
4.See Ya Later
5.You Can't Hurt A Memory
7.Lonely Cowboy
8.Waiting for the Lady
9.Bad Day
10.Independent Girl
11.I Love Me
12.You Better Move On
14.Rub A Dum Dum (The Yobs)
15.Another Christmas (The Yobs)


VARIOUS= (('94,Pulled From The Wreckage ))

Another good compilation from Dutch East India Trading Co.

1.Lute Fisk (SUNBRAIN)
2.Pressure Face (SUNBRAIN)
3.Inertia (BRIDGET)
4.Revival (BRIDGET)
6.Anesthetize (BRAINIAC)
7.Cookie Jar (BARNYARD SLUT)
8.Angel In The Morning (BARNYARD SLUT)
9.Pull (TWITCH)
10.Locomotive God (TWITCH)
11.Penaluna (EDSEL)
12.Whistle Down (EDSEL)
13.Have Fun In Hell (MOUSETRAP)
14.Hello Footpad (MOUSETRAP)

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VARIOUS= (('95, The Punk Collectors Series - Rondelet Records ))

Great compilation with a lot of punk bands of the early '80.

1.No Government (ANTI-PASTI)
2.Two Years Too Late (ANTI-PASTI)
3.Another Dead Soldier (ANTI-PASTI)
4.Six Guns (ANTI-PASTI)
5.Burial (THE FITS)
6.Violent Society (SPECIAL DUTIES)
7.Colchester Council (SPECIAL DUTIES)
8.Bomb Scare (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
9.Another Hiroshima (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
10.East To The West (ANTI-PASTI)
11.Muscles (THE MEMBRANES)
12.Police State (SPECIAL DUTIES)
13.Go To Hell (THREATS)
14.Fuck The Tories (RIOT SQUAD)
15.We Are The Riot Squad (RIOT SQUAD)
16.Bullshit Crass (SPECIAL DUTIES)
17.Riot In The City (RIOT SQUAD)
18.Caution In The Wind (ANTI-PASTI)
19.Flower In The Gun (DEAD MAN'S SHADOW)
20.High Street Yanks (THE MEMBRANES)
21.Politicians & Ministers (THREATS)
22.Last Laugh (THE FITS)


Monday, June 17, 2013



1.OBLIVIANS "Pinball King"

2.TIGER JUNKIES "D-Beat Street Rock'N'Rollers

3.MINUTEMEN "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love"

4.THE PHANTOM SURFERS "Crossover Tragedy"

5.SCUBA DRIVERS "All Around"

6.BUTCHERS "Let me Go"

7.NRA "Amsterdam Surf Song"

8.FLAT DUO JETS "Rawhide"

9.ANGRY SAMOANS "Right Side Of My Mind"

10.CHANNEL 3 "Wetspots"

11.KAMBRONES "Les Jour Des Fous"


13.RHINO 39 "Take Your Medicine"

14.TRIGGERMAN "Wake The Dead"

Link to listen and download:
QUALITY= mp3@320kbps

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VIOLENT FEMMES= (('01, Something's Wrong ))

Violent Femmes were founded in 1980 by bassist/multi-instrumentalist Brian Ritchie and drummer Victor De Lorenzo. The name is a contradiction in terms, “Violent” being self-explanatory and “Femmes” being Milwaukee slang for wimp.
The rhythm section added high school singer/songwriter Gordon Gano in 1981. Gano and Ritchie had previously performed together at Gano’s National Honor Society induction ceremony, where they caused a near riot. Gano was expelled from the Society and suspended from high school for this outrage. 
One of the only stable aspects of the band is their aversion to rehearsal. Due to this they would take the music to the streets in an attempt to hone it and earn some spare change. It was on one of these occasions that they were spotted by the Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde and the gang were so amused by the Violent Femmes antics that they invited the band to open the show for them. The hometown 
Milwaukee audience received the Femmes with unanimous booing. However by the end of the set the Femmes had converted approximately 50% of the audience to their cause. Many years later Brian Ritchie encountered Hynde when the Femmes and Pretenders shared the bill at a radio concert. She said, “Oh, you’re still around.” 
The Femmes borrowed $10,000 from Victor De Lorenzo’s dad to record their legendary first album in 1982. Slash Records in Los Angeles was the only label to offer them a deal with the amazing advance of $0. The band accepted the deal and started on the predictable round of world tours, recording, more world tours, nervous breakdowns, band members quitting, solo albums, regrouping, more touring, divorces, more crackups, dropped from record deals, new deals, more touring, record company going bankrupt, lawsuits, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum. 
Fast forward to the present. Many things have changed. One thing that hasn’t is the sound of the band. Their loose, improvisational, acoustic sound is timeless.

1.Positively 4th St., 2:55
2.12 Steps, 3:36
3.All I Want (Alternate Version), 4:36
4.Yes Oh Yes, 2:23
5.My Way, 2:43
6.Rules Of Success, 3:05
7.Every Breath You Take, 2:18
8.Raquel, 3:00
9.Hollywood Is High (Alternate Version), 2:24
10.I Wanna See You Again, 2:47
11.Reckless Stones, 4:41
12.Requiem, 2:52
13.Washtub Bender, 3:28
14.Procession, 1:39
15.Something's Wrong, 2:22
16.36-24-36, 2:07
17.Out The Window, 3:15
18.Werewolf, 4:03
19.I Know It's True, 4:36
20.Fat, 2:05
21.Waiting For A Bus, 2:41
22.Herbsttag, 1:53


VATICAN COMMANDOS= (('83, Hit Squad For God ))

Vatican Commandos were a punk band formerly featuring Moby - formed in Darien, Connecticut. The band also featured James Spadaccini. The band was formed in 1980 and released its first 7" EP entitled, "Hit Squad for God." Following the release of this record Moby was kicked out of the Vatican Commandos. Later members included Chuck Weaver and Mike Pollock. The band went on to release the "Just a Frisbee" 7" in 1983. The "Just a Frisbee" 7" cover artwork was drawn by Rob Zombie, founder and lead singer of White Zombie. The Vatican Commandos disbanded in 1985.

1.Why Must I Follow?
2.It's So Scary
3.Housewives On Valium
4.Hit Squad For God
5.Your Way
6.Wonder Bread


CHAOS UK= (('91, The Singles Collection ))

UK Punk band from Bristol. 
Formed in 1979 with an initial line-up of Simon Greenham (vocals), Andy Farrier (guitar), Adrian Rice (bass) and Richard Potts (drums). 
On 17/9/1988 they performed live at Polytechnio (Athens, Greece), along with some local bands.
On 30/9/1988 they performed live in Thessaloniki (Greece), along with another local bands.

1.Selfish Few
2.Fashion Change
3.You'll Never Own Me
4.The End Is Nigh
6.Parental Love
9.Mentally Insane
10.Urban Guerilla
11.Farmyard Boogie
12.Four Minute Warning
13.Kill You Baby
15.Victimised (Single Version)
16.No Security
17.What About A Future
19.Senseless Conflict


THE REAL KIDS= (('93, Grown Up Wrong ))

The Real Kids were a Boston punk rock band led by guitarist, singer and songwriter, John Felice.
Felice (born 1955) grew up in Natick, Massachusetts as a neighbor and friend of Jonathan Richman, a fellow fan of The Velvet Underground. At 15 he joined Richman in the first line-up of The Modern Lovers in the early 1970s. He performed with the band intermittently from then until 1973, but because of his school commitments, he was not involved in the 1972 sessions which produced the classic first Modern Lovers album. Commenting on Richman, Felice has said, "Me and Jonathan, as close as we were, you know, I was like a punk, I was a wise-ass kid. I liked to do a lot of drugs, I liked to drink, and Jonathan was like this wide-eyed, no-drugs, ate nothing but health food...".
Felice then decided to start his own band and formed The Real Kids (originally named The Kids) in 1972, with Rick Coraccio (bass), Steve Davidson (guitar), and Norman Bloom (drums). They became a successful live band in the Boston area, playing "an aggressive brand of straight-ahead, no-bullshit rock which harkened back to Chuck Berry, had overtones of the British Invasion groups at their mod finest, yet pointed the way towards the Punk to come". In addition to Felice's own songs, they performed versions of classics by Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and others. The band did not record until 1977, when it comprised Felice, Billy Borgioli (guitar), Allen "Alpo" Paulino (bass), and Howie Ferguson (drums). Their first studio album, The Real Kids, was issued on the Red Star label in 1978.
While continuing to play occasionally with different line-ups of The Real Kids, Felice also worked for a time as a roadie for the Ramones. He also performed as part of the Taxi Boys in Boston. The Real Kids reformed to tour Europe and release a new album, Hit You Hard on French label New Rose in 1983. Band members Alpo Paulino and Billy Borgioli then left to form the Primitive Souls. In 1988, Felice formed a new band, John Felice and The Lowdowns, releasing an album "Nothing Pretty" on Ace of Hearts records, later re-released on Norton Records.
The Real Kids re-united on several other occasions.[5] They performed regularly in 1998-99, including a New York City New Year's gig. Bass player Alpo Paulino died on February 6, 2006.

1.Bad To Worse
2.No Fun No More
3.Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie
4.Common At Noon
5.Shake Outta Control
6.I'd Rather Go To Jail
7.All Night Boppin'
8.Hit You Hard
9.Grown Up Wrong
10.She's Alright
11.Solid Gold
12.Hot Dog
13.Who Needs You
14.Better Be Good
15.All Kindsa Girls


THE KIDS= (('78, Naughty Kids ))

Early 1976, Ludo Mariman answers to an add from a 12 years old bass player looking for a band, Danny De Haes. Eddy, Danny's older brother plays the drums: The Kids are born. A second guitar player joins them in Sping '78. 
The band lasts until Summer 1986. During this period, they record 6 albums and 12 singles.

1.Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist)
2.Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy
3.We Are The Prisoners
4.Radio Radio
5.No Monarchy
6.Through The Night
7.Dead Industry
9.Razorblades For Sale
11.Naughty Boys
12.Sex Queen
13.Rock Over Belgium


CHAOS UK= (('84, Short Sharp Shock ))

UK Punk band from Bristol. 
Formed in 1979 with an initial line-up of Simon Greenham (vocals), Andy Farrier (guitar), Adrian Rice (bass) and Richard Potts (drums). 
On 17/9/1988 they performed live at Polytechnio (Athens, Greece), along with some local bands.
On 30/9/1988 they performed live in Thessaloniki (Greece), along with another local bands.

1.Lawless Britain
2.Living In Fear
3.Detention Centre
6.People At The Top
7.Global Domination
8.No One Seems to Really
9.Farmyard Stomp


VATICAN COMMANDOS= (('83, Just A Frisbee ))

Vatican Commandos were a punk band formerly featuring Moby - formed in Darien, Connecticut. The band also featured James Spadaccini. The band was formed in 1980 and released its first 7" EP entitled, "Hit Squad for God." Following the release of this record Moby was kicked out of the Vatican Commandos. Later members included Chuck Weaver and Mike Pollock. The band went on to release the "Just a Frisbee" 7" in 1983. The "Just a Frisbee" 7" cover artwork was drawn by Rob Zombie, founder and lead singer of White Zombie. The Vatican Commandos disbanded in 1985.

1.(We're) Tipping Cows
2.Talk To Me
4.Do What You Want To
5.Let Down Again 


VICE SQUAD= (('91, Last Rockers, The Singles ))

Formed in Bristol, England, in 1978, Vice Squad emerged from two local bands, Contingent and TV Brakes. The line-up originally comprised Beki Bondage (b. Rebecca Louise Bond, 3 June 1963, Bristol, England; vocals) Dave Bateman (guitar) Mark Hambly (bass) and Shane Baldwin (drums). Their first EP Last Rockers was released on their own Riot City Records in 1980, and brought them some press in the weekly music press paper Sounds. Their EPs Resurrection and Out Of Reach were distinctively melodic. However, the debut album No Cause For Concern was disappointing. After signing a contract licensing the Riot City label to EMI Records, for which they would come in for a fair amount of criticism from politically minded punk artists, they were rushed into the studio. Taking only three days, the finished product was barely listenable.

1.Last Rockers
2.Living On Dreams
3.Latex Love
4.Young Blood
7.Out Of Reach
8.(So) What for the Eighties
10.Stand Strong, Stand Proud
11.Tomorrow's SOldier
12.Rock and Roll Massacre
13.Darkest Hour
14.Upright Cirizen
15.Scarred For Life
16.Faceless Men 


THE DEAD MILKMEN= (('86, Eat Your Paisley ))

The Dead Milkmen is an American satirical punk rock band formed in 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their original lineup consisted of vocalist and keyboardist Rodney Linderman ("Rodney Anonymous"), guitarist and vocalist Joe Genaro ("Joe Jack Talcum"), bassist Dave Schulthise ("Dave Blood") and drummer Dean Sabatino ("Dean Clean").
The band distinguished themselves amid the local underground hardcore scene of the early 1980s through their jangly punk sound and sardonic humor delivered with thick Philadelphia accents. They attracted college radio attention with their 1985 debut album, Big Lizard in My Backyard, and the song "Bitchin' Camaro". Extensive touring and further releases helped the band quickly garner an underground following.
They enjoyed international success on the strength of "Punk Rock Girl", a single from their 1988 Beelzebubba album which entered into MTV rotation. After an ill-fated stint with the major label Hollywood Records and four further albums, health problems and industry frustrations in the wake of their success led to the group's 1995 breakup. In total, they issued eight studio albums, one live record, and numerous peripheral releases before disbanding.
The group reunited in 2008, with Dan Stevens replacing the deceased Schulthise. In 2011, they released The King in Yellow, their first studio album in 16 years.

1.Where the Tarantula Lives
2.Air Crash Museum
4.Fifty Things
5.Happy Is
6.Beach Party Vietnam
7.I Hear Your Name
8.Two Feet Off The Ground
9.The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
10.Six Days
11.Swampland Of Desire
12.Take Me Apart
15.The Fez
16.Vince Lombardi Service Center 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

VA= Pebbles VOL.2, Original '60s Punk & Psych Classics

This series bring to us rare and obscure garage punk and psychodelic bands from de '60s...

1.Makin' Deals (SATANS)
3.Feathered Fish (SONS OF ADAM)
4.Wah Wah Peddle (ELECTRIC PRUNES)
5.You Rub Me the Wrong Way (ROAD)
6.So What (LYRICS)
7.Lost Innocence (BUDDAHS)
9.Green Fuz (RANDY ALVEY)
10.I Can Only Give You Everything (LITTLE BOY BLUES)
11.She's Gone (DOVERS)
13.What Am I Going to Do (DOVERS)
14.It's Cold Outside (CHOIR)
15.Wine Wine Wine (BOBBY FULLER)
16.I'm Going Home (CHOIR)
17.Be A Caveman (AVENGERS)
18.Don't Want Your Lovin' (MARK IV)
19.Shell Lie (SATAN & D-MEN)
20.Freedom Of Love (UNDESYDED)
21.Crazy Things (QUID)

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VA= Pebble VOL.5, Original '60s Punk & Psych Classic

This series bring to us rare and obscure garage punk and psychodelic bands from de '60s...

1.No Good Woman (TREE)
2.Go Away (THE PLAGUE)
3.You Don't Know Me (MAGI)
4.It's A Cryin' Shame (THE GENTLEMEN)
5.Writing On The Wall (FIVE CANADIANS)
7.Universal Vagrant (MERRY DRAGONS)
8.I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD (FE FI FOUR PLUS 2)
9.I Tell No Lies (THE ESCAPADES)
11.Yesterday's Hero (SATYRS)
15.I Need Love (TIME STOPPERS)
16.You'll Never Be My Girl (THURSDAY'S CHILDREN)
17.Way I Feel (12 A.M.)
18.Stop And Listen (SHAG)
19.My Baby's Gone (SOUND BARRIER)
20.High On A Cloud (THE TRAITS)

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VA= Pebbles VOL.10, Original '60s Punk & Psych Classics

This series bring to us rare and obscure garage punk and psychodelic bands from de '60s...

1.I'm A Leather Boy (LEATHER BOY)
2.Gotta Get Some (BOLD)
3.Bad Way To Go (BRUTHERS)
5.Your Golden Touch (CLOCKWORK ORANGE)
7.Don't Send Me No Flowers I Ain't Dead Yet (BREAKERS)
8.No Time To Rhyme (SPIRIT)
10.Surprise Surprise (LOVED ONES)
11.If I Could (MACH V)
12.I Can't Stand This Love (OHERS)
13.Yes I Know (PROPHETS)
14.Love (RAVIN' BLUE)
15.Girl Like You (ROOKS)
16.White Lightnin' (RPM's)
17.Look Out World (SILVER FLEET)
18.Last Trip (WE WHO ARE)
19.Train Kept A Rollin' (STEVE WALKER & BOLD)
20.Mona (TEDDY BOYS)
21.Do Like Me (UNCALLED FOR)
22.Natures Children (KIDDS)
23.My Soap Won't Float (REGIMENT)
24.Doin' Me In (GONN)

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Thursday, June 06, 2013


In this new episode of Basement's Hope we bring a set with the roots of Hillbilly and Rockabilly with a lots of rare recordings songs. 

** The Roots of Hillbilly & Rockabilly **

1.Cattin' Around [CHARLIE ADAMS]
2.Busy Body Boogie [THE CARLISES]
3.Play My Boogie [BILL MACK]
4.Hey Mrs. Jones [LONG JOHN HUNTER]
5.Just Rollin' Around [MALCOLM YELVINGTON]
6.Mystery Train [ELVIS PRESLEY]
8.They Raided the Joint [CHUCK MURPHY]
9.That's All Right [MARTY ROBBINS]
10.Sag Drag & Fall [SID KING & THE FIVE STRINGS]
11.I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumus) [JIM ATKINS]
12.A Gal Named Joe [MAC SALES]
14.Cat Music [TOMMY SCOTT]
15.Hepcat Baby [EDDY ARNOLD]
16.Whoa Boy [RED SMITH]
17.Wild Man Boogie [RAY BATTS]
18.Rockin' and a Rollin' [SONNY FISHER]
19.You All Come [ARLIE DUFF]
20.Rock-A-Bye-Baby [SKEETER BONN]
21.Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On [ROY HALL]
Link to download or listening
Programa/Software = Audacity
Format = mp3@320kbps
Duração/Lenght = 49 minutes and 4 seconds.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

BLACK FLAG = (( Six Pack ))

A legendary single from a legendary american punk/hardcore band..

1.Six Pack
2.I've Heard It Before
3.American Waste


VA = (('96, All Kindsa Girls Vols. 1 to 4 & Bonus ))

Great compilation from Munster Records from Spain. Only female punk rock bands..

1.Little Sister Of Satan (STEPFORD 5)
2.Girl Inside (SNATCH (13))
3.Detoxification (BAZOOKA)
4.Wanna Ried (PORK)
6.Automatic Love (HEADCOATEES)
7.Psycho Candy Baby (MINI SKIRT MOB)
8.Your Bed (CUB)
10.Chopper Chix from Teenage Hell (PINK CROSS)
11.Dicklicious (CANDY 500)
12.Mr. Spaceman (MAMBO TAXI)
14.Let Him Dance (THE'S)
15.Dan Valenti Wears Hai Karate (THE NEPTUNAS)
16.I Wanna Be A Bangle (RAINBOW CURTAINS)
17.Stick & Stones (PEBBLES)
18.Find Out (SIT 'N' SPIN)
19.Man's Gotta Gun (MAOW)
20.Saloone (LOLITA 18)
21.Couldn't I Just Tell You (MOTORHONEY)


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS = (('80, Hyper Exaggeration ))

Great punk rock band from US...

1.Hyper Exaggeration
2.Bird On Fire

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ANGELIC UPSTARTS = (('81, Live ))

One of the best ever punk gigs recorded alive. Angelic Upstarts it's a legendary british punk band...

1.Teenage Warning
2.Never 'ad Nothing
3.Last Night Another Soldier
4.Guns For The Afghan Rebels
5.Mr Politician
6.Shotgun Solution
8.Police Oppression
9.Kids On The Street
10.I Understand
11.You're Nicked
12.Two Million Voices
13.I'm An Upstsart
14.The Young Ones
15.White Riot
16.We're Gonna Take The World
17.Leave Me Alone


INTEGRITY = (('01, Closure ))

Integrity are a hardcore punk/metalcore band. The group originally formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988, but founding member Dwid relocated to Belgium in the mid-2000s. Their lyrical themes include religion, the supernatural, mental illness, individualism, and the occult. Integrity has had a revolving lineup with new band members for almost every album. The only consistent member has been vocalist Dwid

1.Trail Of Adonis
3.No Time For Sudden Glances
4.Empty Shell
5.Angela Delamorte
6.Hybrid Moments
8.The Martyr Inside
9.Troublesome Dilemma of Fornication
10.Sessions You'll Never See
11.Le Mmurb


76% UNCERTAIN = (('90, Are You Uncertain? ))

This amazing CD contains the first two LPs of this classic punk rock band. "Estimated Monkey Time", released on 1984 by Shmegma Records/Inca Records. The first 16 tracks are from this album. The last tracks are from "Nothing But Love Songs" released in 1985 by Shmegma Records.

1. Decision '84
2. Knife In My Back
3. Waste Product
4. Someone's Waiting
5. Blackout
6. No Stone Unturned
7. Coffee Achievers
8. Red Ass Monkee Jam
9. Another
10. Morbid Curiosity
11. You're the Hate
12. Sidewalk Bombs
13. Constant Change
14. Bury My Pride
15. Dr. Jekyll
16. Shadow of Doubt
17. Same Results
18. Justice for All
19. Know It All
20. Softee
21. I Hate the Radio
22. No Way
23. Critic
24. Glitter Blind
25. Too Much to Dream
26. Slow Results


CHAOSZ = (('95, 45 Jahre Ohne Bewährung))

German Punk band from Stuttgart. Founded in 1980, distraughted in 1983.

1.45 Jahre
3.Duell der Letzten
4.Moderne Krüppel
5.Vergiss' es Nicht!

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