Wednesday, May 01, 2013

UNDER A DYING SUN: [2002] Under A Dying Sun [City Boot]

Reuniting former elements of bands like Three Summers Gone, Nexus Six, and Living War Room, Under a Dying Sun started its operations in 1999 in San Francisco. Featuring guitarist Konane, drummer Jerry, bassist Shaye, along with Dan (guitar) and Macklan (vocals), the five-piece crew combined both the experience of all of its members and a striving sense of energy focused on the creation of demolishing, power-driven compositions. Sustaining a highly acclaimed live show standing, the band immediately secured its own following, mostly due to their countless concerts and their ruling punk rock inspired themes. After releasing two 7" records, the squad settled on recording its first CD, the Hangman's Fun EP , offered in late 2000 trough the Unfun Records label. Riding along most of the Bay Area's club scene, the quintet maintained its growing legion of fans, at the same preparing to compose their debut full-length recording. In July of 2002, Under a Dying Sun, the crew's self-titled debut album, arrived record stores via Substandard Records.

trACks: Breathe In = Distant Ships = Pigeons = Until It's Given Back = Helps To Purity = Every Stitch Is A Reminder = Message To Tamara = Chosen Words For A Funeral = Forever (Is When You Stopped Coming Around).


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