Monday, May 27, 2013

THE DISCOCKS= (('97 - Long Live Oi!))

The Discocks were a Pogo Punk/Oi! band formed in 1992 with Peter (Ohashi) and bass, Naka-chin on guitar and early D.S.B. drummer Hiroichi on drums. In 1992 the band released their first EP "Voice Of Youth" on their own New Age Records. The EP was re-released with a different cover on Helen Of Oi! records in 1993. The band continued to play shows in Japan before in 1995 releasing The "Class Of '94" EP on Knock Out Records. 

1.Voice Of Youth
2.Kick Out
3.Class of '94
4.Long Live Oi!
5.Drinking And Driving
6.Have Your Fun Tonight
7.Pogo and Work
8.We Are Proud Punks
9.Oi! Power
10.Fucked Up In The City


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