Monday, May 20, 2013

HELLBILLYS= ]1991 - Dragstrip Girl[ 7-inches

The HELLBILLYS have been a mainstay of the San Francisco bay area since 1989. 
First releasing a series of 45's on independent record labels including Moto Psycho's Knocked up and Gun Crazy, it's Alive and Evil.
In the years to follow the band released several albums/CD's on various labels, both domestically and overseas. Land of Demons (Japan) , Torture Garden, Cavalcade Of Perversions, and most recently Blood Trilogy Volume I & 2 with 3 soon to be released.
The HELLBILLYS have also appeared on countless punk and Psychobilly compilation
albums and cds. The band has performed and toured throughout Europe and Mexico as well as the United States. This large discography and reputation for high energy. Live performances have helped secure a large and loyal worldwide fan base.
The lineup consists of founding members Scary (vox), and Rockn Rick (doghouse bass), Dan Watson (guitar) and JJ Jenkins on drums.With their intense live stage show and unique songwriting style, the HELLBILLYS have been credited with influencing many bands and are considered to be Americas first and best PSYCHOBILLY act. 

1.Dragstrip Girl
2.Moto Psycho
3.Drivin' Wheels


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