Wednesday, May 01, 2013

D.I.: Surfin' Anarchy [Single]

The Orange County punk project D.I. formed in 1982 by vocalist Casey Royer while his former band Adolescents was temporarily on hiatus. The group saw some success reach its peak in the mid and late 1980's, and their second album, "Horse Bites, Dog Cries" is now considered a hardcore punk classic. Despite going on hiatus between albums, the band has continued to be active. However, tragedy struck in March 2011 when their singer Casey Royer got arrested for overdosing on heroin while watching television with his 12 year old son. As of April 2011, he has been sentenced to a 90-day jail term and placed on probation for three years. Despite his arrest, D.I. is still together.

trACks: Surfin' Anarchy = Uncontrolable Urge



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