Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AVAIL = ]Standing On A Porch[

AVAIL solidified their place in punk-rock history by releasing three consecutive albums that would become almost instant classics of contemporary hardcore music. The phenomenon that is Dixie, 4 A.M. Friday, and Over the James effectively turned AVAIL into punk living legends and, as these records have shown over the last decade, the accolade is entirely deserved. With the reissue of these three albums that irrevocably changed the landscape of melodic hardcore music, Jade Tree is paying their respects to what’s already come to pass and still offering an entirely new perspective on the music and the myth of AVAIL.

1.Black and Red
2.Blue Times Two
3.West Wye
5.Gravel to Dirt
6.Done Reckoning
7.East On Main
9.Subdue and Arrested
11.The Falls


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