Monday, April 29, 2013

THE METROS: [1999] The Metros

A uni-rhythmic blast of treble, the Metros' sole album release personifies teenage garage punk. Although the album is slightly more produced than the rest of the Rip Off catalog, it still qualifies as lo-fi. Lead singer Dave Zonca's masculine howl rages over a consistent rhythm and amped-up guitar wankery. This album's topical relevance is aimed at the drunken and the horny mostly, but it is slightly intelligent. The opening track, "Black Leather," is a convoluted cry for help, and a rockin' punk number at the same time. Other standout tracks include the glammy "Lay It on Me," the desperate "No More," and "White Boy/Black Love," which is reminiscent of the Dead Boys. Overall, a great album for garage punk fans, and a standout in the Rip Off catalog.

trACks: Black Leather - Mission - Stop My Heart - Sight And Sound - Venus In Her Eyes - Lay It On Me - No more - On the Radio Waves - Take It Or Leave It - Purple Hearts - In The Red - White Boy Black Love.

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