Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CRUMMY STUFF: Fuck Europe [Re-up]

The band was born in may, 1994; in october of the same year they put out the Non Duri Molto demotape. Stupid Man, one of its 11 track, gets included in the Flower Punk Rock compilation, a fundamental step for the italian punk rock scene of the 90's, put together by Senzabenza with McGuffin records and which came out in march, 95. On the following month 6 tracks are recorded on the self produced 7" El Coche Loco. In january 1996 the band contributes with a song in italian to the No Time To Panic compilation (with such bands as NoFx, Gigantor, etc) and in march of the same year, following several gigs and excellent reviews, they put out their first full lenght lp Punk's Not Sad, this time as a coproduction with Fridge records. During 1996 many dates take the band around Italy and also in Spain, where a first Basques countries- only tour is followed by another tour that in april 1997 touches Alicante, Madrid, Caceres, Bilbao and Bakio. This experience also gives birth to a small book called Gira Crummy Stuff. No Cocco Oil, a new track, appears on a CD Rom called 'L'antologia illimitata', a tribute to the great comics artist Andrea Pazienza. In october, 1997 the band films a video in which 101 punk rockers from all over Italy simultaneously play the title track of the new album Never Trust a Punk that comes out at the beginning of 98.

trACks: We'll Be As One - Fuck Europe - Not So Quiet On My Front - I Can't Satisfy Myself - Don't Want No More - Envy (A Sad Story) - Not Too Late To Fight - Problem Guy - Memory - Grow Up Stoned - What A Crappy World - Amsterdam - I'm Nothing - Take It Lightly - Marry Dean - Playboy - Moog Arrotolators - Ghost Track.

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