Thursday, March 21, 2013

Various Artists: Class Pride World Wide

Great SHARP skinhead's bands compilation....I post this excellent compilation for the first time in December of 2007, now is time the up again.. enjoy!!

1. don't let them win (STREET TROOPERS)
2. dead but not forgiven (STAGE BOTTLES)
3. forse un giorno vincera (REAZIONE)
4. betrayed (WORKER)
5. sota control (REMENCES)
6. substitute (THE OPPRESSED)
7. continente olvidado (BRIGADA FLORES MAGON)
8. proletario (FFD)
9. aunty pauline (H-BLOCK 101)
10. i ragazza sono innocenti part. 2 (KLASSE KRIMINALE)
11. still standing (SCRAPY)
12. shining light (BLASTCAPS)
13. propaganda by the dead (PINKERTON THUGS)
14. skinhead only red (OPCIO K-95)
15. s-h-a-r-p (LOS FASTIDIOS)
16. newroz (FERMIN MUGURZA)
17. radio rebelle (LES PARTISANS)
18. 1949 (BLAGGERS I.T.A.)
19. chiapas (YA BASTA)

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