Saturday, March 16, 2013

VA: [1991] Hardcore Holocaust 87-88 Sessions, The Peel Sessions

Great compilation with grindcore, hardcore, punk and metal bands.

.Heard It All Before (Stupids)
.Dog Log (Stupids)
.Sheep (Electro Hippies)
.Chicken (Electro Hippies)
.Mother (Electro Hippies)
.False Profit (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Another Nail In The Coffin (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Carry On Screaming (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Conned Throught Life (Extreme Noise Terror)
.Attack In The Aftermath (Bolt Thrower)
.Psychological Warfare (Bolt Thrower)
.Skate Bored (Intense Degree)
.Intense Degree (Intense Degree)
.Day Dreams (Intense Degree)
.Bursting (Intense Degree)
.Voice Your Opinion (Unseen Terror)
.Moral Crusade (Napalm Death)
.M.A.D. (Napalm Death)
.Divine Death (Napalm Death)
.Control (Napalm Death)
.Pink Machine Gun (Doctor And The Crippens)
.The Garden Centre Murders (Doctor And The Crippens)
.Skin Tonight (Doctor And The Crippens)
.Exploitation (Doom)
.No Religion (Doom)

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Nando40 said...

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Casey said...

dude this is awesome
thank you

Mustard Relics said...

Killer comp!