Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SNAPCASE: [1995] Steps

Snapcase have always stuck out from the "chugga chugga" hardcore bunch on the account that they're actually good. But with "Steps" showcasing some of their post "Lookingglassself" era on Victory, not only does it represent Snapcase being more of a live band, but it's also sign that they had an off day when they recorded this in the studio. Not that this EP is bad or anything -Snapcase get props alone for shelving the lyrical testostrone for more of a personal reflection- it's just that each song from "Steps" can drag on a little bit; that and it can be difficult to pin point which song was which because they all sound a little similiar.Not their best material, but it still outshines a majority of the butt-metal that's being passed on hardcore. -- Mike DaRonco

4.Run And Fall

Home-Page: http://www.snapcase.com/

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