Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS: Cranked Up Really High

At times sounding like the evil precursor to punk metal (the title track) and at other times sounding like the Bay City Rollers with an attitude ("It's Alright"), Slaughter & the Dogs were one of the more diverse punk bands to grace the British scene. British punk was always slightly more blues-based than any other country's take on the genre, and Slaughter & the Dogs had a decent grasp on this aspect of the genre. Their songs had more tiny guitar flourishes and they came the closest to just sounding like a blues-rock band. With 18 songs included, this does tend to run a little long, but since it's a punk album, none of the songs are long enough to warrant a complaint. This isn't essential, but fans of British punk should own at least one thing by this band, and this is one of their best albums by far. -- Bradley Torreano

1.Cranked Up Really High
2.The Bitch
3.It's Alright
4.Edgar Allan Poe
5.Twist and Turn
8.White Light White Heat
9.Scream and Scream Again
10.The Fight
11.Twist and Turn
12.Boston Babies
13.I'm Mad
15.Boston Babies
16.You're A Bore
17.Johnny T
18.Where Have All The Bootboys Gone

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