Saturday, March 30, 2013

RAISED FIST: [2001] Watch Your Step

Formed in 1993, Swedish hardcore punkers Raised Fist shape an aggressive yet inviting sound when honing their old-school-influenced punk roots with a metal edge. Taking their name from a Rage Against the Machine lyric, Alexander "Alle" Rajkovic (vocals), Andreas "Josse" Johansson (bass), Marco Eronen (guitar), and Oskar Karlsson (drums) were praised early on by European critics. Early independent releases such as the 1994 You're Not Like Me and 1996 Stronger Than Ever EPs, along with their 1998 hailed debut, Fuel, further marked Raised Fist's pinch-hitting approach and molded them overseas. 

trACks: Stronger Than Ever - Reduction Of Hate - Torn Apart - I've Tried - Next - The Answer - Time For Changes - E-Skile - Too Late to Change - Respect - To Make Up My Mind - Give Yourself A Chance - Break Free - Stand Up And Fight - Flame Still Burns (Written By Youth Of Today) - Maintain - Untruth - Peak.


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