Friday, March 29, 2013

NOMEANSNO: [1991] 0+2=1

An often bizarre punk band from Victoria, British Columbia, Nomeansno formed around brothers Rob (bass, guitar, vocals) and John Wright (vocals, drums, keyboards). Andy Kerr joined up in the early '80s on guitar and vocals, and upon his departure in the early '90s, the band recruited guitarist Tom Holliston as his replacement. The group's punk hybrid also encompasses touches of jazz, funk, and metal, with special emphasis laid on jarring, hard-to-follow rhythms. Their lyrics are often self-consciously weird, but Nomeansno are frequently original and challenging. With countless releases over the years (tenth full-length All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt appeared in 2006), the band has issued music through labels like Alternative Tentacles, AntAcidAudio, Southern, and their own, Wrong Records. The Wright brothers also spent time playing with their side band the Hanson Brothers, basically a ridiculous Ramones tribute band they did with some buddies.~~ Steve Huey

trACks: Now / The Fall / 0 + 2 = 1 / The Valley of the Blind / Mary / Everyday I Start to Ooze / When Putting It All In Order Ain't Enough / The Night Nothing Became Everything / I Think You Know / Ghosts / Joyful Reunion.



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Hey Nando40 quite a nice blog you got here. never seen so many nomeansno posts. let alone in 2 months ;-)
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