Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MULETRAIN: [2004] Demolition Preaching [Requested]

Spring of 2001: Aerobitch play their last concert. Muletrain is born. "Demolition preaching" (2004) is the first LP/CD. The second LP/CD is "The worst is yet to come", a destruction and survival handbook with an easy as useful premise: always hit where it most hurts. Punk, hardcore, rock and roll. 13 SONGS in 23 minutes: not more, not less. Powerful, angry, abrasive. One listening is more worth than thousand words: play it at eleven and let your neck creak with Muletrain. Excelent reviews (best spanish hardcore/punk album of 2006 for the Mondosonoro, top qualifications in Kerrang and Ox magazine...) and a european tour in october of 2006 are the first results of the record. The worst is yet to come, and you still don't know it....

Black Zodiac / Fist Magnet / Fuck Up Karma / Inside / Chemical Shuttle / Next Level / Torn / Demolition Preachin' / She's In Love With Black Metal / Born Again / Outside / Your Hope / Riot Hop.


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