Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JEFF DAHL: [1997] Heart Full Of Snot

Jeff Dahl's Heart Full of Snot bucks several trends in '90s punk with its buzzing, treble-heavy production, unapologetically sloppy musicianship, and general emphasis on driving beats rather than melody. This is at least partly intentional, indicating Dahl's desire not to compromise his proto-punk influences. Dahl pulls no punches about who and what he dislikes on songs like "All American Overdose," and a rant against music-oriented media that even disses Maximumrocknroll, "People That I Hate," "Can't Be Bothered," and the Ramonesy "Hung On You," all highlights of the record. Most of the remaining songs are devoted to Dahl's romantic frustrations and confusions, which aren't always as interesting, but they speed by so fast (a few are under a minute) that it's sometimes hard to notice. -- Steve Huey

1.All American Overdose
2.Turn Me On
3.Little Girl Smile
4.She's Breakin' My Heart Again
6.Diablo Verde
7.(I Wanna Be Your) Mainman
8.Hung On You
9.Can Ya Walk On Water
11.People That I Hate
12.More Good News
13.Can't Be Bothered
14.Love DTK
15.Down On You (Girl Version)

Home-Page: http://www.myspace.com/jeffdahlband

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