Monday, March 18, 2013

GUITAR GANGSTERS: [1996] Skweeler!

"Captain Oi!" Mark Brennan is fighting the corner for British post punk guitar "street rock" and needs two more tracks to complete his Underground Rockers vinyl compilation on Link Records. So he turns to the former guitarist (Pete Ley) and bass player (Phil Ley) of the Stones influenced London band Under The Gun and puts them in the studio one Saturday afternoon with The Business drummer Micky Fairbairn. The result was Gotta Get Out Of Here, When The Razor Cuts and Everybody Wants To Be My Friend – the latter two songs providing Mark with the two killer tracks he needed to open the album. All he needed now was a name for the band…

I Can Handle It / Because I Said So / In Too Deep / Halfway to Bielefeld / Parasite / Extremes / Mother's Little Helper / Skeeler! / My Day By The Sea / The Cars That Ate the Planet / Gimmie My Ball Back / Too Tough For Tears / Match of The Day.


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