Monday, March 18, 2013

GUITAR GANGSTERS: [1995] Power Chords For England

What he needed was a name that lived up to his vision of the emerging wave of guitar bands filling the void left by the demise of punk – Guitar Gangsters fitted perfectly and seemed ideal for a guitar band whose personalities were probably irrelevant. After all, this would be Guitar Gangsters only ever release! Sitting alongside Mega City Four, The Sect and The Crack, Guitar Gangsters were in good company on the compilation but the two GG tracks grabbed the attention and the fact that nobody knew who the band were added to the interest. So never slow to miss an opportunity, Mark invited the band to record an album.

Little Miss Mystery / City of The Damned / Bitter Sweet But True / Strange Kind of Love / All Over The World / Innocent Eyes / She's My Kind / Radio Authority / A Boy Like Me / Playing Games Again / In My World / When Guitars Ruled the Earth.


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