Thursday, March 14, 2013

END ON END: Whe Evolve When We Can Go Sideways ?

With each member having performed in a variety of bands, End on End formed in Los Angeles in the fall of 1998. Originally having five members, the group became a quartet after guitarist Tony Lee quit the group to concentrate on a career in golf. After releasing a series of demos, as well as split releases with This Engine Burns and Life in Pictures, End on End released its self-titled debut album in the summer of 2000. The band continued to perform around the Los Angeles area, but began to expand its touring horizons. In August 2000, drummer Phil Drazic traded his drumming position for a guitarist spot, making way for Dom Atoigue to join End on End. The band released a 7" EP in May 2001 on Hard Line Records, but it was also at this time that guitarist Jeff Mora grew frustrated with music as a whole and quit. Mora was replaced by Jason Tooley. After a four-week national tour, End on End returned to the studio to record its second album. The band released Why Evolve When We Can Go Sideways in August 2002 on Substandard Records. The group has shared the stage and opened for Hot Water Music, Leatherface, and Death by Stereo, among others.-- Jason McNeil

1.If You Only Knew How Wrong We've Been
2.Dancing Rabbit Is Dead
3.I'll Never Take This for Granted
4.What Happens When You Cross Solitude With Science
5.To Sow Hatred as Self-Defense
6.Milo For Everyone
7.All Hail the New Esperanto
8.The More That You Consume
9...And They All Came Out of the Woodwork
10.We Are the Ancestors
12.Have You Ever Heard Of Victor Jara ?


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