Saturday, March 30, 2013

D.O.A.: [1998] The Lost Tapes

Since 1980, Canadian punk vets D.O.A. have issued countless albums for a variety of indie labels. As a result, a few tracks from sessions of yesteryear slipped through the cracks, which leader Joey Shithead has dusted off and collected for the 2000 compilation Lost Tapes. Since most of the 17 tracks included have never been released, longtimers will be surely be interested in this set. And it doesn't take long to figure out that D.O.A. were a major influence on the recent glut of pop-punk bands clogging up MTV and radio -- in fact, if you were to combine such selections as "Kill Kill This Is Pop" together with "Murder in Hollywood," you'd probably have a blink-182 hit that would light up the charts. The only difference is that D.O.A. were among the true creators of this style -- back when the furthest thing from punk rockers' minds was crossover chart success. Instead, it was all about getting in the van and spreading the word from gig to gig. While it's not a strict "best-of" per se, Lost Tapes certainly plays like one.~~ Greg Prato

trACks: Smash The State - The Mutant - I hate You - Kill Kill This Is Pop - Suiciding - They Saved Hitler's Brain - No God No War - America The Beautiful - No Way Out - Rent-A-Riot - Race Riot - Liar For Hire - Dangerman - Murder in Hollywood - Our World - Miss Today - Let's Wreck The Party.


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